Monday, 27 April 2009

Trying to get on.......

Ever had one of those days when you think - OK come on dearie sort yourself out!

Well today is kinda one of them for me - which is quite positive but normally for me comes at a time whereby I then have so little room to manoevre that I can't put the brakes on.

I had promised myself I would get a part of my literature review done by my birthday - its already ho hum about a month or so overdue - so its my birthday on wed - today is um - monday night.

Out with the coffee on with the laptop and finger now firmly out of bottom.

I love what I do - (plant research) but I am not very good at the writing bit - better at the sleeves up bit - but in order to stay in control of the nice outdoor bit to be honest I have to justify my existence by writing.

Procrastination is not my friend - it just gets me stressed out.

I use to drink alot of wine and giving it up to be honest was harder than expected - but it has freed up cash, time and headspace to get on with things

So..................wish me luck!!

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  1. Good Luck! Sure you can do it, I love reading your online musings - stuffy plant people just don't appreciate enjoyable writing.