Peedie & Haggis

We are lucky enough to give lodgings to two Cairn Terriers. Very fun loving and great family dogs. If you've ever fancied a fun dog - or a cross between a cat and a dog then a cairn terrier is for you. Half cat/half dog (not really) but in character they are they will walk for miles or curl up beside the fire and snooze. Our two - Peedie (Neep) aged 6, Haggis age 11 1/2 weeks.........rule the roost.

Chicken chasing is generally optional - they don't appear to bother the chooks much. Unless they look like they've great food and then - they nudge them out the way and scoff what they can until they get disocovered!
If of course they can be bothered to get off the sofa in the first place...........

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  1. Will always have a soft spot for Peedie but wee Haggis is just beautiful!

    Love the way he is lying on the sofa :)