Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rocks in your pockets

Today is a day for putting lots of rocks in your pockets. The wind speed is gusting at over 50 mph and if out and about outside placing many rocks are required in your pockets to keep you on the ground. Whilst I do joke about this, often, today is a ‘put as many rocks in your pockets as you can’ kind of a day. We’ve hardly slept due to the racket of the wind on the house. Watch the car bobbing up and down outside the window buffeted by the wind, whilst entertaining, is not really reassuring.

It was a battle today to get INTO the chicken byre, I had to hunker down in the wind and slowly plod, clutching the water bottle as tightly as I could! Today, I have put the chickens on a very short leash. Metaphorically of course, I don’t actually tie them to each other in this weather! I’ve actually just closed their door and given them only a tiny opening into their byre and asked them very nicely not to go outside in case they get blown away. From here at this direction I fear they may end up in Iceland or perhaps even Greenland. This is a long way to go and collect eggs, so I’d rather they stayed at home!

It’s to get worse later as well, gusts upto 70 MPH expected. Deep joy I wonder if we’ll sleep tonight?!

Thankfully nothing is awake in the garden – who on earth would put a little flower head up in this weather? Very wisely the plants are all fast asleep.

And whilst I fantasise about putting lots of the rocks in my pockets, I don't really do it unless I find pretty ones on the beach!


  1. The wind is bad enough here today so I dread to think what it is like at your end.Keep an eye on those chickens lol :)

  2. Hope you do manage some sleep and tomorrow is a better day . Sounds a bit scary .
    Jacquie x

  3. Blimey - I thought it was windy here! Get plenty of rocks ready and hunker down x

  4. And I thought it was windy here... Hope you, Peedie and the chickens remained on terra firma and that you did get some sleep.

  5. Here on the Moray coast it was'nt too bad.I hope the storm didn't cause damage and you did manage to get some sleep.
    Putting rocks in your pocket is something my youngest son does every time we are at the beach.If I had a pound for every one I take out of the washing machine...
    Hope the weather calms down soon.

  6. Windy here too - its very unsettling. I hardly slept a wink last night. xx

  7. Thank you all - rocks sewn inot the lining of all our clothes now - OK so its not a fashion statement - but we're still here!!!!

    Nice to see you all and hello to Julie - I love Moray - its a often visited place cos we've family are there !

  8. This is the most popular post - how funny - rocks in your pockets required at this time of year very much. Thank you all for looking!

  9. Its me again-PCA- Where's MEL? I love her comment on the windows. Now I know why you have 13 windows, to let the wind in and carry you! lol, It's a great plan of having stones in your pocket.