Monday, 27 September 2010

For today............with many thanks to the 'simple woman'

Outside my window... the ferry has popped over the horizon of the sea and the sky is blue and cloudless; beautiful!

I am thinking... about returning to work and wondering how to restructure my life to get a better balance....

I am thankful for... my children, my partner, my friends and my little dog, for living on a beautiful island and being able to enjoy it.

From the learning rooms... time scheduling and working on an achievable thesis structure.

From the kitchen... marmalade from fruit that would have been spoiled, is now recycled and just jarred up sitting glinting in the sunlight

I am wearing...pigtails, stripey jumper, warm cord trousers and very colourful rainbow knee length stripey socks!

I am creating... a time/life plan for the next 6 months which will make life happen and homelife happy

I am walk the dog down to the beach later and must get some writing done

I am reading... alot of books about willow and for fun 'The Accidental Gardener' by Michael Powell

I am hoping...I can find a solution to a work/life balance and find inspiration to get my thesis finished on time!

I am hearing... Radio scotland and the sound of the birds chirping in the garden and the dog chasing the birds!

Around the house... its very quiet, the door is open, its sunny and peaceful

One of my favorite things... being in the garden, I'll try and get out later for an hour, my reward if I can write a good section of thesis today

A few plans for the rest of the week... thinking of returning to work properly, parcels to post, children to collect, a visit to the Dr's and an evening class to organise - I'm helping with teaching 'Vegetable gardening' on Thursday!

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  1. You are getting so much done and you write beautifully. I think you are wasted on the thesis...

  2. Loving that you have started writing your blog again Fay :)

  3. You're both very kind - thank you! Loving both of yours too!x