Monday, 18 October 2010

I'll do it later..........

Work - many people go 'humph' at the mention - I really shouldn't be one of those folk. I love plants and I love writing about them, I love my family and I like working hard for them. On occasion, however, I do a lot of avoidance things to make it difficult to even get started.  I wonder why I find things like cleaning the oven, rearranging the linen cupboard and deciding that cleaning the whole house is so important I can't possibly do anything just yet.

I love my work, I love working with plants/good life/home/islands, I like writing and explaining about them, if you ever catch me wittering on about plants/home life/cooking you'd wonder if I ever thought about anything else. Therefore - when having to get down to particular jobs I wonder sometimes why I struggle to get started and keep going? Its not just work it can be routine appointments, the dentist, the garage - often I find it hard to get down to those tasks. They are a bit intimidating but often less so once they've been tackled.

'I'll do it later' many times do we tell ourselves this? I do it very often - I'm usually quite a busy person - not great at lolliping about and 'chillaxing' - I like to be busy - but I'm often busy with things that aren't particularily fun (chores) rather than get on with the nagging work bits that are not only rewarding - but also sustain life here and are often fun when you get started (well, sort of fun).

Today - I'm going to just 'get on with it', I've spent a couple of days lately 'trying' to work but doing anything to avoid it - and trying to write but not managing it. Today - I've not allowed myself the luxury of finding a really fun thing to blog about (sorry chaps). I've told myself I'll feel alot better if I just get on with it today and begin to get back into writing and work since I've been off the island. I'm not wanting to allow the 'do it later' gremlins to get me and blacken my mood later when tasks are unstarted - even if they don't get finished I'll feel better for starting!

OK - first I need boiled eggs - this is not avoidance tactics I tell myself - this is sustinance for the task ahead. Honest - I'm tired of avoiding things - makes life less fun - I'm trying to today to 'do it now' and hope to get good habits. Wish me luck and I might even phone the dentist too!


  1. So, are you now getting on with it then? I hope so....we know where to find you! ;-)

    I can identify with your comments though - I do the same thing, prevarication artiste extrordinaire, that's me. Someone else said recently, before starting on a new venture or even being ready to continue with one ongoing, you need to declutter your home, your life and your head. Then the excuses are gone....!

    R xx

  2. Good on you! In fact, I decided to do exactly the same thing at the weekend - just got on with it - and had a very productive time and felt much better!

    Good luck, hope it's going well and that you aren't reading this until after your work is finished for the day! :)

  3. Hey I've been good today - got a fair bit of writing done and going to do another hour. Made a good list - then tried to clean the bathroom - never learn eh?

    Nice to hear I'm not the only one who's the queen of procrastination!

    I've only 1 1/2 months of money to go - hoping to submit thesis as soon as I can after that date - fingers crossed.

    Those pesky willows I'm trying to write about are fun - I need to remember that!!!

  4. I am trying a new technique (it is not working as yet but one hopes)

    I have a white board in the kitchen and on that I will write 3 things that are most important to do during the next day. No more than 3 and they need to be something that I know I can achive during that day (e.g. they are not waiting action from somebody else or are too big tasks) I will let you know when I have cracked it.

  5. Ok thats a good one - trying that today :)

    Thank you!!