Thursday, 28 October 2010

The one sentence diary................

We've family up the moment moving a polytunnel frame for me - amazing and exciting - but very time consuming as I'm the only driver and I'm also working - etc :) but I'm so grateful its getting done!!! We got the offer of it indirectly from a recycling local charity I am a member of and are just delighted that someone has been kind enough to give it away.  It will be a large asset in the 'good life' adventure here.

Anyway, when off on my travels I read a bit of a book in a bookshop - 102 free things to do: Inspiring ideas for a better life by Alex Quick. It struck a chord because alot of the ideas were fun - and some we do already. One I really liked was 'Keep a diary in one sentence'. I think it was really because we've had a few days of random travelling/wedding/experiences that made me think - I hope I remember them.

Anyway I've decided to give it a go, so from last week - I've starrted a mini-blog diary with my one line things - mainly this is for me to remember things but I'm so happy to think about documenting adventures etc and trying to do that in only one sentence - seems a bit bonkers. (I'm a lady of alot of words!!)

Anyway - that's what I'm going to try! Trying to write a days activity in one sentence will be very challenging - but hopefully quick and will teach me to be concise or at least learn more punctuation!!!

Diary is here and it will only be 'peedie'.................................(little)

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