Friday, 1 October 2010

What a difference a day makes...............

What a difference a day can make - yesterday beautiful calm sunny day (a photo of yesterday from the upstairs window - gorgeous views to die um its a different story alot of rain, gale force wind and everything not looking very happy. If you look at the photo above to the left of the middle you can just make out the top of a very calm windsock. This week the wind-sock has had a lot of hard work to he is dancing about in 45mph winds................almost the same view, but more stormy.

Lately we've had alot of this type of weather - and alot of rain - I can't wait to get a polytunnel to help me be able to grow things out of the wind and rain. I do tend to get a bit obsessed about the weather - forgive me, but here it limits life quite often - no ferries today, too windy! We hardly ever just get rain - but when we do - we get alot of it - in some ways its lucky because it means we don't get a drought - but in other ways its a bit - well,  - soggy.

Autumn isn't really very calm here - stormy and the trees don't hold their leaves for too long - so we never get any autumn colour - it a case of leaves on one day, big wind then leaves gone or very brown and horrible looking! The willow hedge is still in leaf, but the new fushia hedge I planted is now completely leaf-less (leaves blew off in the last gale) I'm hoping it gets through the winter here - if not I'll try again next year.

The poor hens are out in the wind/rain (although they do have a nice dry area to be in - look at them they are absolutely soaked!). They don't learn do they? Maybe they like having a cold shower?

Very wet chickens on a windy/rainy day!
Oh well, there's always tomorrow! Things tend to dry out quickly here - thankfully!

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