Sunday, 14 November 2010

The light goes so quickly at this time of year.....

A quick walk today on the way home after picking my daugher up from a friends house. Normally I take photos of flowers but today I tried to take them of swans at the loch near to my house - to get a feeling of the onset of winter - it was a challenge on a brilliant and life changing moneysaving site I visit alot - to get out and use your camera - digital photography is pretty much a free hobby once you've got the camera - and often they just don't get used enough. This time the challenge was to capture a photo which would fit the phrase: 'Onset of Winter?', here are a few pictures I took..............but even at 3pm the light was going fast. 
The swans let you get very close - they don't mind you at all..................

They just go about their normal business - which is really nice!
It got a bit dark by 3.30pm and we had to abandon things and go home - none of my close up's of the swans were very good - I'm more use to taking photos of still subjects! Flowers are much easier! It was a great thing to think about and to get out with the camera again and just look at life - for realtively no cost!

Or if you're silly like me - you take your winter hat along and ask yourself what it would look like in the sunset.................................I'm glad I don't look like a skinny bean-pole I'd look very silly in that hat wouldn't I! I was trying to get a lovely shot of the 'onset of winter' airing your favourite hat - but it just didn't work at all! Never mind, made me giggle anyway!


  1. Love the hat totem! Beautiful swans - I agree, it is worth getting out and about with a camera once in a while and trying to capture your surroundings. I love your swan pics, very atmospheric.

  2. Yeah I'm not great at taking pics of things that move when you're trying to take a photo - the light went so quick - we began in gorgeous sunshine - within 20 mins - beautiful sunset - worked out well in the end! It wasn't supposed to be atmospheric but it did end up that way.......

  3. those are beautiful pics, i love taking funghi pics .. probably cos i am too scare to eat them..........become slightly obsessed

    Shaz from frugaldom

  4. Oh I love taking pics of fungi too - and am very much too scared to eat any of the wild stuff!!

    Lovely to see you! x