Thursday, 4 November 2010

Recipe...............homemade sausage patties

Home made pork and herb sausages
250g of pork mince (chicken/veggie/turkey etc will do as well)
2 tsp dry sage or 4-10 fresh sage leaves chopped up rough as you like

1 Take the mince and add the sage to it - mix thoroughly and leave it for a few hours if you've time or overnight is better - but it can be cooked immediately - the sage flavour just improves with age.

2 Take the mince out and form walnut-plum sized balls with it.
Flatten with your palm or with a spatula until quite thin on a board or a clean surface
Use a knife to break the contact of the pattie with the surface  - can be a bit hit or miss - but can always be reflattened in the pan

3 Heat a pan up with a tiny bit of oil/butter in it, cook patties 3-4 at a time depending on pan size squish down to make flat in the pan - cook for only a few minutes each side.
Pile up on a plate or in a tub
Can be used immediately - kept in the fridge (for about a week) or frozen individually.

Use to make Mcmuffins by serviing on a muffin with an egg and a slice of plastic cheese otherwise use as needed - great with a breakfast at the weekend or on toast.

*To make normal shaped sausages when you get them to the plum/walnut stage - don't flatten them out - instead roll them into a mini sausage shape - cook as above or add straight into yorkie pudding mix for home made sausage toad in the hole.

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