Thursday, 9 December 2010

Gardening in your pyjamas

Has there ever been a more functional, glamourous set of gardening clothing designed? Pyjamas are often what I'm caught in out in the garden, with wellies and often a hat, jumper, scarf - you name it - I'll probably be seen out there working in it. Now here is the picture that my lovely partner thought I'd never post - trying to rennovate the chicken house one morning - out in an array of pj/blanket/my sons hat - having just nipped out for one of my 'five minutes' outside. I decided to have a go at sorting out the hen house for five minutes whilst everyone was asleep - note the handy axe in the corner - I'm not sure why I wanted that too! Aren't I just the height of glamour, possibly not, then again it does bring a grin to my face as I remember life is about laughing at yourself, hard and often.

When I wake up and want to go into the garden for a look, I never think to dress properly, brush my hair, find an appropriate hat or actually think about getting ready, as I'm only popping out for a minute, honest. Just to see whats happenning out there.  Then of course I get sucked into some task or other and an hour or so goes by, I can't help it - I love being out there and getting on with jobs.

Whilst I love Country Living and the array of glamourous magazines about living outdoors etc - nowt beats gardening in your pyjamas, old trousers, or whatever takes your fancy. I kind of wander out in the morning for a peek and often just forget myself - get engrossed in something and then the postie van pulls up and there I am in a pair of spotty/flowery/stripey/boring pyjamas, wellies, squint hat, scarf abandoned on a fence - you can picture the scene. I'm often just nipping out for 'five' and find myself out there for a lot longer than that. The birds don't tend to mind - I'm lucky I guess we are so remote - although I have to say I did the same thing when I lived in town in a terrace with a shared garden.

If you don't want to see the pyjamas - don't come into my garden (Or text first!)! Often safer to leave it a little longer and I will have gone back in for a cuppa and gotten dressed properly.


  1. love it ! functional . All week i have been pulling on tracky bottoms and a coat over my jimjams to go check on the quails and take the chooks their mash ....i too am very glamourous of a morning :)

  2. Another one here who pops out to the chickies in PJ's,aand slippers when the mud is frozen, lol, :) Don't stay out there long though as it is too flippin cold.What a well dressed bunch we are!!!

  3. What a fabulous photo! Hooray to gardening in PJs :D

  4. Life is, indeed, about laughing at yourself. We all take things far too seriously sometimes. Great photo

  5. Well its not my best pair of pj's. And, you do have to laugh - I posted after walking upto check out the car this am - 1/4 mile up the track - in purple salopets, yellow wellies, purple fleece, pink hat and a green farmers jacket.

    I started to head out to work - only to remember - I'd just shoved the salopets over my pjs to do the hens this morning.

    Cue the car being turned around after 3 miles - headed home to get dressed - was so focussed on getting into work/checking the car was OK to drive - forgot about the fact that I wasn't ready to go.

    Problem with me is I only ever go out for 'five minutes' and end up out there for hours - which is fine if you're only staying home, being at work - even planty work, in you pjs - possibly not the best look. Although, I had brushed my hair...........

  6. i can vouch for the all of this being true and accurate! - brilliant, and i always knew you were secretly proud of that photo!


  7. DB - I look like a scarecrow, which is very accurate of everyday life - whats not to be proud of! x

  8. Love it! And so glad I am not alone... I frequently "pop out for just a minute" in PJs and whatever else happens to be around and warm/dry, only to be summoned interrupted several hours later by my other half asking if I want lunch! Three cheer for scruffy gardeners too fanatical to bother taking time to dress...

    PS The email subscription works! Yahoo!

  9. Janet thank you - now blog powered by email :) very much appreciate your help!

    I think all of the gardens appreciate pyjama clad gardeners!