Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Luigi the Italian snail of happiness

Luigi, the snail of happiness - on the utility room flowery table.
My daughter has just returned from a school trip to a tiny village in Italy. What a wonderful time she had and we managed hear all about her lovely adventures. This little snail is the gift she brought home - isn't it so simple and wonderfully thoughtful.  This snail she tells me, will never eat my flowers and always bring us happiness. Here he is on a stone from the beach on the table full of flowers (only paper) but he can't eat them either.

We all worked on the table together - its an old table we got from freecycle, we covered it with our favourite things, flowers, wellies, socks, food, chickens and lots of lovely things from a couple of our favourite magazines. Given it a new lease of life and its always fun to sit and have a cuppa and look to see what we can find on there!

Recycled table, covered in chickens, trees, owls, trowels, wellies, gardens and flowers.......
More of the table, covered in chickens, owls, wellies, gardens and  flowers!
Very sorry these pictures aren't great - I'll try and take better photos later in the year when its lighter indoors!
Luigi liked the table very much! Good way to cheer up an old table - I've heard of folk putting maps, sheet music, recipes, pictures of food etc anything you like! Very simple to do and once varnished is as tough as old boots.


  1. I love the table. What makes it even more special is that you all did it together. Great thoughtful gift from Italy!

  2. Yeah the table was fun - each of us have our own wee spot where we've mingled our favourite things with the main flowers etc are all firmly glued and varnished on.

    We've had one before at an old house - which sadly we had to leave behind when we moved into a smaller house - its nice to have this again - when we made it - my friend was so excited as she'd loved the last one.

    My campervan has a map of the island on the table in there - which is quite fun!

    Thank you for the lovely comment.

  3. Cute snail - I love wooden crafted stuff :)

  4. I love the table! What a good idea! ANd I love the snail too. xxxx

  5. Yet another great idea - I presume you varnished it after you glued the pics down? Ah yes, just read your comment... Will bear that in mind, would love to have a potting shed with a table covered like that, perfect for winter inspiration! I could cover it with pics of all the veg, fruit and flowers I want to grow...

  6. Hey there
    Dreamer me too - and so simple the body is a wooden marble which moves around

    Diane thank you - I think I borrowed the idea from our local pub which has nautical maps all over the walls instead of wall paper.

    Janet - Yup PVA glue for the pics then a water based satin varnish over the top - we're on coat number 4 now I think. And, if you get bored you just start again.

    My ultimate potting bench would be the same with all the plant seed packets stuck to it how cool would that be, you could see what you'd planted over the years. Woo hoo you're an inspiration me dear!!

  7. Great table Fay , love the sound of the pub walls too .

    Love the idea of a potting bench one too brilliant