Friday, 14 January 2011

Maybe they think it's an Arc?

And, they all came in two by two, oh maybe by then by another two.......
I'm wondering, if Karyn is wondering by looking up at the table, whats for tea?
I'm beginning to think that turning my back on this lot, even for a second is NOT a very good idea. They'll be choosing their own bedrooms next and squabbling about which sofa they want to sit on.

I like the idea of free range chickens, but in the house?


  1. Ours used to walk in the house all the time in the summer when the doors were open.Normally we managed to get them out before they started pooing!

  2. You are clearly way too nice to your hens! Tough love, that's what they need...

  3. lol, at least they are using the door and wiping their feet nicely on the way in .Nyk's hens do their best to sneak in the kitchen window,and mine just poop on the front step! :)

  4. Too cute. I can hardly wait until I have some chickens of my own.

  5. So cute and funny! Love it. Found you through From Beyond My Kitchen Window :) Great blog!

  6. Thank you all :)

    It's getting a bit daft to be honest - I'm thinking about it - nice to see them wandering about (although not in the house!). Wondering about securing the garden, increasing my shelter and if they can behave let them have a bit more freedom.

    Only if they can behave!

    Verde farm how lovely to see you :)
    Fbmkw - hope you get hens soon!
    Sue and dreamer you've a good point!!
    Janet, tough love needed indeed ai had a talk with them and they've promised to behave......