Monday, 17 January 2011

The Simple Womans Daybook - January 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Written with many thanks to the simple woman, who likes to look at the world with many others by taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of of the everyday moments. Anyone can join in and the link for the simple woman's day book is here

Outside my window...sleet, rain going past at about gale force 8! The winter here is long, wet and very windy!!

I am thinking...about my daughter far away in Italy on a school exchange, I hope she’s enjoying her Italian family and isn’t too nervous.

I am thankful for...the hens still laying (8 eggs a day, even in the winter!) and that we’ve the space to make plans at home for a new house for them.

I am wearing... jeans, several jumpers, fleece, tights, knee length stripey socks and a hat indoors, it’s COLD!

I am remembering...I must go to the bank for my son before it closes.

I am going...home later to try and do more work on my thesis, slow and steady will win this race.

I am currently reading... a thesis on willow growing in this climate from a previous student in my department and constant re-reads of my own chapter sections.

I am get everything finished in time and to get on with my life again, no more study for me after this!

On my mind... my vegetable plot at work, I’ll need to start working on it again when the students come back in February. I’m looking forward to that.

Noticing that... the days are getting longer again, its now light until 5pm – which is amazing!!!

Pondering these words... how much can I get done in the week whilst my daughter is away.

In the kitchen...grain is in the slow cooker every evening to make a hot breakfast for the chickens, good for them in this cold weather.

Around the house...most of the Christmas decorations are down and in their boxes but a few are still hiding on the walls.

One of my favourite things…waking up and finding my partner is with me, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s lovely.

From my picture journal...Peedie my cairn terrier in the snow outside the door - he got covered very quickly!


  1. This is lovely - a great little snapshot into your world. We too noticed that it was lighter for longer. Hurray!!!xxx

  2. That was nice to hear about your day.
    I said to MOH today that at 18.00 when we got home it was still light

  3. Slowly but surely the days grow longer. That thought makes me very happy. You have very busy days.

  4. Thank you guys, I guess most mums are busy aren't they? The longer days are great, a bit of inspiration for us all. Xx