Thursday, 10 February 2011

A cunning plan in process of germination

On the very positive side today - I had my very first 'do you have a small number of cucumber seeds for sale' enquiry on this here blog - amazing huh?????!!!! There is the original packet on the left - my peedie (smaller) packet I've done for the lady on the right. I've put some of my own packet of cucumber seeds into a smaller packet for the happy person which is now in the mail. Both folk very happy. Not everyone has my level of interest in veggie seed or this level of addiction. I'm happy to send out a small packet of a few seeds if that is what a person wants (or alot if required!). This means I can try more varieties and get rid of my excess seed by selling seeds and plants when they are ready, and a very happy lady didnt' have to buy a whole packet of cucumber seeds when she only wanted a few. And I do have more than a few - and an online list which is nearly finished. Then I can put a web-link up there and see if anyone wants large or small quantities seeds/plants and it might actually work!!

Now this is the other related thing that happenned today, which is either good, or bad, or a disease depending upon how you look at it. Clearing out the work bag from the veggie gardening evening class which I help out on - I might somehow or other have found a bag of seeds from the class that I bought earlier last year (used for demo of what each thing looks like and how to sow). I find demonstrating the actual seed much easier - very hands on - I'm a very visual learner and talking about the difference between say sowing a pumpkin seed to sowing tiny poppies can be difficult to grasp if you've not seen alot of seed. Anyway - to my surprise I have found (50 or 60 or so) packets of mixed veggie seeds - don't ask what that brings my total to, I'm too ashamed to say. I appear to be planning to feed the entire of the north of scotland.

Anyway - I think its a good thing, I've been planning on venturing into selling both seeds and plants online and this is my stock. Therefore more stock is a good thing. Right?

Fingers crossed or you are all invited to tea if I have to grow the lot!!!


  1. Can't believe you've found even more seeds!!! But you're right - more stock :)

  2. It's a terrible affliction. But if I can help anyone even grow a small amount I'll be happy :)

  3. I think you may be beyond help as a seedaholic, but at least you have found a way of spreading the disease, sorry, joy, of your addiction!! Impressive collection, makes me a feel a bit better about my own, which is currently threatening to take over the study.

  4. Thats a cool idea,just being able to order exactly the amount you need.
    I like the name too.Does Peedie get extra dog biscuits for lending his name to the project?

  5. Julie Peedie is the inventor of all things amazing and will of course make a good bone or two :) I think that alot of folk are put off buying seeds or end up with alot left over - I'm on a mission to help!!

    Janet - I know - I'm done for aren't I - I have a serious problem - too much to grow too little time! happy to do a bit of seed swapping too if anyone is interested.