Friday, 11 February 2011

Who, pray tell, lobbed a shoe in my garden? Cinders own up!!

Are you short of a shoe?
I'm getting a bit worried to be honest, having surveyed the garden after the storm last week, what do I find but cinderella has had a shoe blow off and its landed right in my garden. Its in the middle of the bed by the house with the fushia and the ajuga in it - looking a bit worse for wear at the moment. I'm curious as to how on earth the shoe got there. I think it was blown in, which is pretty nifty really - landed about 5ft short of the building, so clearly a good aim whoever threw it/lost it. But how on earth did it get right here?

Well, the one thing we know for sure is that the wind brought it - was the owner of the shoe out surfing in a force 8-10 gale? Did they lose their foot whilst hot air ballooing over the house in a nasty storm. Or did someone try to put it on over the atlantic and it blew in from there? We aren't near any road or anything like that, this is not a passing shoe-in-the-garden-attack. I think it came from the beach at the bottom of the field by the house, or over from Hoy the other island, maybe someone was trying on a shoe and it blew out of their hand all the way here?!

It came from somewhere down there by the beach I think...................
If this is your shoe and you tell me what you were doing when you lost it I'll stick it in the  mail - its no bother at all - I'm having a flurry of selling on ebay and often at the post office at the moment.

Come one Cinders, don't be shy - whilst I'm glad it landed in my garden rather than straight at the window - I'm not going to hang on to it! I might even send a prize packet of seeds out to the most original story of how 'your' shoe got into MY garden. As if it isn't busy enough at the moment with all the hens in there!


  1. Dear Bellis Perennis, Not quite a glass slipper is it.....but then quite possibly it would now be in a million pieces if it had been made of glass, and so much more difficult to deal with in the flower border. Rather than be interested in the owner of the shoe, I should be rather more intrigued as to whether a Prince Charming is anywhere near?!!!

    I am so pleased to have disovered your weblog and have made you a Favourite of mine on Blotanical as well as signing up as a Follower. I look forward to keeping in touch as I have been greatly amused by your postings.

  2. Good evening, Mary here (Poppins that is). The wonderful wind was just what I needed to move on to my next assignment. So I quickly changed out of my good shoes and popped on my trainers (very difficult to fly in heels and no one can see that far up), opened my umbrella and off I went. Well, how was I to know that the wind was going to blow quite so strongly, it wasn't forecasted, also I hadn't taken time to tie my laces properly in my haste. I was so busy maintaining my dignity hanging on to my skirts that when I tripped over the top of an oak tree, my trainer shot off and disappeared with the wind. I can assure you that it was not that dirty when it was about my person! Anyway thank you for finding it and when you next see the kites flying, I will be down to collect it.

  3. Edith - tomorrow at the crack of dawn I'll be checking out there for Prince Charming - although he's due off the ferry on sunday............! Nice to see you on here and thank you for popping past!

    Mary (Fran) Poppins - how very kind of you to claim the shoe - I fear the garden made it mucky, you'd clearly not have such a dirty shoe. If you tripped over an Oak tree you must have been travelling a long way from here - Oak trees are things of dreams here! I'll gladly keep hold of it for you and maybe even pop it in the wash for you. Enjoy your next adventure!

  4. Deep joy! It's a force 8 south easterly today - no prince charming to be seen and the other shoe hasn't turned up yet either - but the day is early and by the look of the forecast its going to stay a bit windy!

  5. I wonder where the other one ended up.I bet the owner is wondering too.
    Its amazing how many lost shoes you see on the beach, but in your own garden,that must be pretty unique.

  6. No Prince Charming? Not a good day. I'd share some of my second batch of Bere Bannocks with you (great comfort food) but I'm not sure wind-post could be relied upon...

  7. Well, I reckon you have no chavs up there in Orkney chucking stuff about. I guess it will remain a mystery. Thanks for your recent visit to aberdeengardening, ashamed to say in all these years I have never visited Orkney. The weather in Aberdeen is probably a little kinder, but hey everything is relevant, you could have been in the Shetlands.

  8. I have lost my shoe -- whilst walking along reading gardening catalogues it must have fallen off -- oh no it was when I visited the shetlands last year and they were tied to my rucksack did it blow your way as we passed on the overnight ferry? Or perhaps like sticky burr it had on and got stuck to someone who was carrying their kite , they in turn not noticing it flew said kite about a mile from your garden and thence it ended with you blown on the right wind.... it is a size 6?
    greetings from Fife KY15 where I am longing for Witch Hazel, Juniper / Hazels / Bay / or any other lovely Quince tree to 'blow' into my garden. JB

  9. Hello and welcome, six it was, I'll pop it down to you, haven't moved it, more of a feature now :)

    Mr f resides is the lands of KY he might manage to pass it on o you :)

    All this trees you mention are very fine indeed.