Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Beach action!

I got to the beach yesterday - thank goodness - it been a while (OK a couple of days)! I try to go every lunch to walk the dog if I can. With the price of petrol - I've been hanging around more at work and walking around the perimeter of the college there, spying in folks gardens. But yesterday I had a dentist appointment and needed a bit of a beach recharge before facing the scariness of it all (I'm needle phobic - long boring story, irrational, defies logic, but hey I'm only human).

Anyhows - the beach - yippee. I could give up many things but not the beach - as precious to me as flowers. By the way during my vegetable gardening monologue you might have got the impression I do not really like/garden for flowers. I love flowers - I'm just more than a bit challenged in the old growing flowers department here which is maybe why I'm wibbling on about veggie growing more. I miss a proper garden, with proper shelter and flowers, but I make do! And to be fair I do like to eat. Flowers/beach/garden/veggies - they are all pretty much cheek by jowl in my life (excluding the other big one like, adults, childrens, small dogs and the occassional cat thats been in my life). Beach - here is one near work - ace for walking a small furry mutt over the lunching hour. Not many folk but that's quite normal. It can be busy but not today!

Well, a good stomp never does any harm does it?
One way or the other not alot to see.........except gorgeous beach!
I like walking at lunchtime - as I'm trying to finish writing up my research - sometimes its hard to keep perspective, its been 3 and a bit years................ Hard, to remember what keeps your soul ticking over (my non human/bovine/canine/chickenine/feline/campervanine) things are beaches, flowers, food and reading/learning, recycling, stripes, covering the world in flowers and beach combing.
Of course I always keep my eyes peeled - there in the distance is a white fish box shape - we all know how much I love fish boxes.........I ambled towards it.
Full of anticipation - will it or won't it come home - I got closer - half broken, hole in the bottom - a bit disappointed I could try and take it home but I'd get such a row from the 'taller than me short people'  if I took it home. It has to stay on the beach. But, there you are - what do I see when I turn round? A lovely stripey stone - sitting there contemplating life.
Hello my pretty. I'm afraid, I'm a criminal - I stole it from the beach and took it to the dentist with me - its now at home in my bedroom - keeping me company my stripey stone - amazing how something so old, so simple and so beautiful can cheer you up. I have alot of stones from the beach at home.

As luck would have it anohter fish box came into view (bit like buses these fish boxes you don't see any for weeks then you see lots within a few weeks of each other - today was no exception. But as I got nearer I reaalised it was a fishbox which had had a bit of a tummy tuck.
A bit too much of a tummy tuck - not really a good find - although it made me chuckle in all its new svelt ways.
Ambling along, (not thinkign about my impending dentist appointment - phobias are wierd aren't they?) I was drawn to the tide line at the wall full of seaweed. I got to thinking about my garden (never far from my thoughts) I could do with collecting some seaweed - we use it as a mulch/organic fertiliser here. I need to get some collected up.
Not today though - can't arrive at the dentist with both stone and bucket of seaweed - possibly a little eccentric! Possibly a bit MORE eccentric! I'll come back another day with a few bags and take some home to spread out and rot down into a nice lovely organic addition to my soil.
First though I tackle the dentist and take a seed catalogue with me - a change to look a pretty things I can grow - keep my mind off the things that I don't really want to think about! I hope your lunchtimes are packed with a bit of adventures and time for yourself inbetween the chaos of work - be it writing up the-never-ending thesis or whatever else you are upto...........how do you spend your lunch?
A lovely beach heart find last year - beaches are ace! (and free)

Recharged and ready for anything (except the scary dentist)! Mind you looking at that photo, he's probably more scared than me!


  1. I'm sorry you were faced with the dentist! Hope he found nothing amiss that a little nitrous oxide couldn't cure. The stripey rock, on the other hand, is wonderful - a real find! (I won't bore you w/ describing my lunches - spent at my desk so I can go home earlier!)

  2. Hello stacy - I do that after my walk!

    Nice to see you - the dentist was OK in the end - my rock collection is growing day by day!

    Thank you for your lunch time exploits.

    Today mine involve chicken food, post office (plants going on holiday) and colouring in a tree planting design for a client I'm seeing later after the 'office work'!

  3. Your walk sounds wonderful. I don't think I could function propoerly if I didn't live by the water and could walk along the seawall most days. It calms me down and keeps me focused. xxx

  4. What a lovely walk on the beach! I'm most jealous :) Hope the dentist wasn't too bad and your stripey stone gave you some courage and cheeriness.

    My lunchtimes at work are usually spent at my desk reading the news! Oh dear, must do something about that. On Monday I went for a lovely walk around the campus lake and watched the ducks and geese - much more fun!

  5. Lunchtimes = working but with food. Have been resolving to get out after a winter spent working straight through the day, but I always get sucked in and another day passes. You have such an amazing lunchtime walk!

  6. Hey Linda I am the same if I don't have the dog with me - but he does give me that excuse to get out - and gives us both a bit of fresh air. x

  7. Jenni those ducks and geese need you - hope you look at them daily when you can!

    Fran you are right - me too! I love the beach - lucky I am but I do need it.

  8. Lovely stones, lovely beach, shame you had to go to the dentist. A place I avoid when at all possible. I think hygenists live to inflict pain ;-) I do miss the sea.