Saturday, 16 April 2011

We're trying to work in the garden...........

OK, today thus far is not going to plan. It's dry - which is ace, but its a windy. I need a 'not very windy day' as I've a pile of mulch matting to try and lay. Bah to windy weather, its only 20 MPH at the moment and gusting at about 32 MPH! But, it looks like we're NOT working in the garden today - but I might give it a go anyway. I'd like to get a crack on but the wind is a pain in the derrier - however - I know its windy but......
 OK, let me be blunt, its not quite this windy (55MPH)- when small children are made to go out for a walk by thier evil mother and they blow away unless they hang onto the railings at skara brae..............
 Not quite that windy, to make the windsock dance about like this - that happens at about 35-45 MPH - but its fairly breezy..............................
Image copyright Alex at the Giddy Limit - Brilliant!
And, I shouldn't complain really as its definitely NOT this windy (this picture always make me giggle - thank you Alex at the Giddy Limit!), but any excuse to get such a funny picture into my blog! Its not this windy but its not weather to easily lay 100m of mulch matting and trench it in!!!! Anyway I'll get ready and watch the day..........who knows....?


  1. Now that is definitely windy! Would blow all your seeds away, scattered to the wind literally!

  2. Boots and I are in out of the wind today too. Gusting to 40mph!

  3. Sounds like you're having a relatively calm day over there! Try a cuppa, some cake and feet-up instead. There's always tomorrow...and who knows, maybe the wind will have died back down by then. And, as they say, pigs might fly - and possibly do in those Atlantic winds!

  4. Hoping tomorrow is a perfect gardening day :) It's a soggy mess here in the Pacific NW.

  5. Mmm, yes, even a little bit of wind makes laying sheet mulch rather tricky - particularly if you are attempting this with only one pair of hands! Love the "blowing away if I let go" pic :-)

  6. Mrs B it would indeed!
    Jenni I hope it unsoggimifies soon for you :)
    Kris loving boots!

    Iain, unfortunately I don't like cake but a ooh cuppa never goes amiss, there's a cartoon here by Alex with the farmer 'pegging' down his cows and sheep it's very funny. But we did actually go and get it done

    Janet you are so right especially when trying to lay a whole roll (100m) in one go. Thankfully my lovely brother had been coerced to help and we got it done ninja style - alot of laying flat on it whilst he tucked one side in! Half yoga/half ninja - very 'jazz' gardening.

    Well, when in Rome - or Orkney a bit of improvising is needed!!

    Thanks for the comments - despite the weather we got it done- wind is tolerable if it's not sideways raining too. Both together are NOT funny!

  7. lovely post about the wind. i've never had to try and garden in it but i do enjoy the wind now and again. great pictures in your post.