Monday, 6 June 2011

The 'ice-cream - botanical' balance - life in perfect harmony

I love plants and all things botanical and have a passion for recycling, my family love ice-cream, Orkney has AMAZING ice-cream, which comes in handy recyclable pots - could life get any better?  I can eat a bit of ice-cream, I'm so not a sweet tooth. No offence Orkney Ice-cream you do a grand job - but I'm happy with just a peedie (small) bit of ice-cream - whilst my family I think would be able to compete in the ice-cream olympics (if there were an ice-cream eating olympic category) so I leave the ice-cream munching to those olympic at it in my family.  There you are, many of my passions (family, plants, local food and recycling) in perfect harmony! The plants and the recycling I do, the family and the ice-cream are clearly in a harmony on thier own!!!
Anyway enough about ice-cream!!!!! How cute is that little rosemary in its recycled pot - I've never grown it from seed before and the whole lot came up - an old packet of seed, gave it a go anyway - why not whats the worst that could happen, an empty tray?  And here we go, a whole pile of baby rosemary plants. I sometimes help at a local Orkney recycling charity - and these are potted up to help with a bit of fundraising, hope they go well. By potting up in recycled tubs, after they've been well used in the house hopefully my recycling will leave my house! And, the merit of putting things in nice pots means they get a double life.
The rosemary has done me proud - old (ish) seed up in a tray, then into these pots, I don't prick out - I sow seeds thinly (half rate) and then pot straight from a seed tray to a 9 cm pot (well in this case an ice-cream tub - but you get the general idea - I skip a step, makes life a whole lot easier for both plant and person!). Long story, a guy taught me that way, despite my protestations, hair tearing out, denial etc it works! I will get that out there in blog land one day when you're very bored! And if he ever reads it - I'm sure he'll have a chuckle - I was so vocal about why it wouldn't work, and here I am, doing the same!
For now enjoy the view and the ice-cream and the plant and the recycling, no more blethers from me! We're having an open day at the weekend - I can't wait!


  1. I think the reason they're all doing so well is you've potted them up in half compost, half ice-cream!!
    Just think, a whole new growing medium!

  2. My favourite ice-cream. Looking forward to seeing photos and hering about your open day.

  3. recycling and decluttering all in one gp ....fabby :) and the rosemary's not bad either :)

  4. i love your stones in the first picture and the weather looks fabulous.

  5. Hello JTs - the stones are in the garden from the beach at the bottom of the track - gorgeous eh? Photo taken at gone 9 last night! Gorgeous weather

    Janet - mine too!

    Hello squirrels - thank you! Be down your neck of woods later this year if you fancy a cuppa

    Anne - thats just the coolest comment!

  6. great recycling :)
    I do the spaced out sowing too, but mostly because I am just too lazy to do the thinning out stage!

  7. Great recycling!
    Love rosemary on roast potatoes.

    Sft x

  8. Myra would get on great with your family, she is addicted to ice cream.I shared in your skipping a step with the Begonia tubers this year. Normally I start off the tubers in seed trays and when they have made a fair bit of growth I re-pot them into individual plant pots. I skipped this second stage and planted them out about ten days ago, looking good.

  9. I see lots of salmon with rosemary sprigs and foccacia with rosemary and olive oil, as well as the roasted potatoes in your future!