Friday, 26 August 2011

Eco-mower, cutting edge renewable technology

I've got myself one of these new eco-mowers, they are all the rage, actually I've got about 2, it was a sort of inherit one, get one free kind of an offer. A grand piece of renewable technology this lawn mowing device is, powered by grass and sunlight, incredibly efficient and is nicely lowering my carbon foot print. Whilst this cutting edge technology isn't for everyone, for me it would seem to be a readily available natural resource. It would appear I've managed to rabbit proof the garden so successfully, that these rabbits actually don't leave and appear to be living quite happily in the willow hedge. Now, if my garden was full of delights and wonders, I think possibly I wouldn't be so keen on this type of eco-mower however, aside having to net the veggie raised bed, we're currently enjoying their company. The rabbits moved in as tiny little bunnies, once they get a bit bigger perhaps I may ask them nicely to leave. For the moment, however, its quite nice watching them out of the window, pictured here less than 3m from my seat for my morning cuppa. And, to be fair, they do earn their keep and the grass is nice and trim in their preferred areas, by the marigolds and the potato onions in the front bit of the garden. Very environmentally friendly indeed, don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.


  1. So cute...for the time being! I never see any bunnies around here, and I wonder why. Lots of other wildlife, but somehow no bunnies made it out out this island.
    This little fella looks quite at home, I think you may have trouble convincing him to leave!

  2. I have just come across your blog and I love all of the photos of the luscious greenery. I am looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and having a good read.
    Thee rabbit looks so gorgeous.

  3. If your garden gets any bigger you could move on to keeping a couple of caddie lambs, like they do in Papay to keep the runway short enough for the plane to land.

  4. the eco mower is very cute. i approve!

    just checking in from Canada

    Mr flowers.
    ps see you soon!

  5. And if they stop working well, you can always make a lovely pie ;-)

    Ta for fuchsia, now happily potted up and relaxing in the greenhouse!

  6. Brilliant plan. We'd take on this idea, but I don't think we could contain the eco-mowers in the grass. Am sure they would most like to 'mow' our veg patch...

  7. Don't name them! (I would totally name them.)

  8. Well, if you cant beat them, embrace them. Haven't had rabbit stew since 1955.

  9. Alistair, my parents once convinced me I ate bugs bunny, not funny I think. I can't beat the rabbits so, embracing it is!

    Linnew, flopsie and topsie pass on their regards.......

    Tempewytch, they are very dear indeed, and move swiftly when the peedie pup arrives.....

    Petra, nice to see you, they were mowing mine before I netted it!

    Janet, very true glad the fushia arrive safe, posted to you at one pm on Friday.....super efficient!

    See you soon mr f, watch out for the bears....

  10. Janet thanks for the pst about Elaine x a pet lamb would be very useful......

    Dmarie and bruise mouse, welcome and thanks!

    Sue you may be right about getting them to move, how interesting you have no rabbits, I'm nit sure if they are native here or introduced.......