Thursday, 15 September 2011

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!

I'm currently being kindly given a bit of room and experimental area in one of the polytunnels at work - a combination of flowers for cutting, vegetables for home and herbs for another project are lurking with intent in this tunnel, in recycled fish boxes. At some point this type of adventure will be relocated to my own tunnel. In the mean time I'm lucky to have a very flexible and openminded garden guru on my side :)
Closer inspection of the squash and the courgettes I found aphids having a party. Not on my watch chaps - they were abundant, and the best course of action when an aphid party needs dealt with at this level is to just cut off the affected leaves and relocated them to the compost bin - let the birds have them.
The relocated leaves can at least have a 'room with a view' isn't the view from the compost bins at work gorgeous - even on a grey day!
 The courgettes appear to be happy bedfellows with two plants to a fish box - I'd experimented with various numbers of plants and two is my favourite number..............they didn't mind the haircut - better than an aphid party to deal with!
 And, for my hard labour, my wages for the day were relocated to my home - cunningly nestled in my 'propagation' equipment - a plastic box with a lid works wonders for propagating plants. Handy multipurpose devices!
 The tomato was a bonus - having harvested the first of my fishbox squatting courgettes, garden guru chap informed me they go well with his plum tomatoes and to help myself - excellent wages indeed - very quickly relocated to my kitchen........good lifing wages come in many forms. I think the bank manager might not like it if I paid these in.
 Relocation of fishboxes to my own home always makes me smile, these were purchased at the princely sum of £2 a box from a local now not trading fish company - I managed to get 20+ of them - I'm a happy gal.
As part of my relocation, relocation, reloation day - I found a new candidate (victim?) to be relocated to the chicken pen........................happy happy days.


  1. Fish boxes - good for everything. I once shared the Rousay ferry (in the days before proper piers) with two policemen and a dozen fish boxes crammed with veg and beer cans. The policemen were going to deal with a shotgun feud and the fish boxes were going to the pub.

  2. Does any compost bin in the world have such a stunning view in front of it?!

    Those veggies look deliciously healthy... and the back of the car reminds me of a giant's toast rack :-)
    Jane Gray

  3. I wouldn't mind being a compost heap if I could look at a view like that every day!

  4. Am now jealous of a compost bin - how sad is that!! Bargain fish boxes. Hope to see you picking harvests like that from your own tunnel next year!

  5. Mini vie, what a funny story, fish boxes get in the most extraordinary of places!

    Giants toast rack, how visual! I don't think any compost bin has such a lovely view! Thanks for popping by Jane

    Anne I guess there are many benefits of being a compost heap, warmth, food, good view....... :)

    Janet, I hope so. The bins I have to say seem ambivalent about the view.....