Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Being Dorothy

I was pretty sure this morning I'd wake up in Kansas. I even have a toto look-a-like (Peedie), today I think I'll be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The wind has been so noisy I think it confused my dreams. Its still up gusting at 60MPH and the whole house sounds like its about to take off. Today is definitely a 'rocks in our pockets' kinda day, its to stay gusting at 60 MPH for most of the day.

I'm working for most of the day (indoors thankfully), for an organisation called 'OZ' rather ironically no one calls me Dorothy there. Today is a family day as its half term and we're making all kinds of crazy stuff from old recycled things, which will be fun. I'll take some photos there too. Then its time for a walk I think......yup out there a walk, windy weather is brilliant for blowing those in-the-head-cobwebs away.

Whilst I do not like what this does to the garden -who'd have known Kale can fly so beautifully? Thats something I didn't know.  On the positive side, and there is one, believe me, the seas will be amazing and a walk with the camera, rocks in pockets, tethered to a suitable Orkney standing stone will be in order. We've alot of them, I'll find one nearby a cliff, I think. 

I'll report back later, after I've untied myself and taken the rocks out of my pockets. Hopefully with a few nice pictures of swirly seas. I think toto (aka Peedie) might opt to stay home, he's not a fan of the wind.


  1. I live in Orkney and went to see you at the garden talk you gave on the 20th and I thought how well you did. Must be so scary to talk to a group like that and you taught me new stuff so I was very happy :) I love your blog and have read it from the start and have been trying to catch-up and am now there yippee!

  2. Loving the stripey scarf and hat! Sounds stormy there, would love to see the sea pictures, must be great to see the sea at all different times of the year.xx

  3. So looking forward to those photos OF!I agree with Dannie, must be amazing to see the sea at different times of the year.

    I know exactly what you mean about walks blowing away the cobwebs. Trying to walk every day and even when it's chilly I return feeling healthy and invigorated.

    Sounds like you're a local celeb on Orkney!

    Sft x

  4. Great post...I love breezy walks! Love your hat!

  5. Just as bad in Aiberdeen, afraid to say but the tin man has to be my twin. Enjoy your walk. I am adding one of your pictures and a link to your blog on my (Your Gardens page), if for any reason you would like it removed please let me know.

  6. Peedie and I think we should all stay a safe distance from windswept cliffs. Valeri in Cornwall had one of her earrings blown away.

  7. We wouldn't want peedie to end up in Norway, would we? Or is the wind in the wrong direction for that? I think we need a gallery of all you hats....

  8. Lovin the colourful hat and scarf. Peedie looks like he's enjoying the cuddles.

  9. Hang on to peedie, don't want him following the Kale to wherever it ended up...

  10. I can almost feel the wind and cold through your picture. your poor little doggie ... he doesn't look very excited to be outside.

  11. Spiderflover, thank you for popping by. How lovely you live in Orkney. Ah, you survived the talk, I was very nervous. Thank you for reading back!

    Jts - poor doggie sleep most of the day, it was too windy for him.

    Janet, the kale, hmmm - probably mainland of Scotland given the direction.......peedie refused to go out. Lay about that he is!

    Bridget and Janet, I do have a fab collection of hats :) I did a post a while back, but any excuse for a hat wearing session...

  12. Elephants eye, oh no I'll go and peek. We stayed away from cliffs :)

    Alistair, thank you, I'm honoured. The boat fae Shetland ended up not docking in Aberdeen, too rough - poor souls ended up in rosyth, 26+ hour ferry ride from hell poor folk!

    Syders glad you like my hat!

    Sft, I'm more of a local garden menace :) I love a rough sea, only if I am NOT on a boat.

    Dannie, hey there - I love the sea, windy stormy, calm, tranquil, I know I'm lucky to be here and see it everyday.

    Stripes and hats rock!