Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fantasy gardening - 'a' is for apples......

Hey up there. A few new followers with us all. How exciting! Hello to you all. Winds howling, rain bludgeoning the windows. I've just been informed (by mr f, who's an engineer no less) that the rains falling at an angle of 20-30 degrees, ergh) just the time to snuggle up with the parkers wholesale catalogue and plan my fantasy garden........

You see out of all the squall, a nice positive! I can snuggle up on sofa, catalogue in hand and fantasy garden. Perfect.

So far on the list for fantasia, (the polytunnel garden to be)I'm looking at fruit trees, bushes and all that jazz. Anyone got any suggestions? Im starting at 'a', and I'm wanting apples, which i know are 'malus' but like many half my garden plants are in my head in latin, half in english, fruit and veg generally happen in my head in english, therefore a is or apples. Im wanting varieties which will crop well, with fruits over the season, happy with several varieties, eating and cooking. Tips for good storing types too gladly welcomed.

We like everything. Any ideas? Id really welcome a hand........ Polytunnel 3m tall, I'm endeavouring to either grow in pots or in lined soil, we are moving in three years max. The fantasy garden will move to a mainland location, trees will then be a permanent orchard.

Any suggestions? My mum grows dual apples (two on one tree) so I'll try a couple those too. I've not a huge budget but wholesale fruit trees are under £10 each so I'm happy to invest.

Abundant apples, I'd like a gorgeous selection any ideas?

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  1. Exciting - but I can't help, I know nothing about choosing apple trees. Enjoy your planning!