Monday, 10 October 2011

My favourite kitchen.......

Now its not often, I'll put you all to death with an image of my smiling chops staring right at you. But this post is for one of the most special folk in my life, Aunty Claire, my bestest friend, I've stolen her to be my adopted sister and one of my favourite people in the whole wide, enormous, solar system. And, here I am standing in her kitchen, my absolute favourite kitchen, smirking away being photographed by the dear old cellist ealier this summer. And, I did want to see her in person tomorrow as its her birthday. I wanted to give her this home grown bunch of flowers, I grew them all, by myself as part of my 'grow your own veg', I also grow cut flowers. and I'd love to give her them in person - as I picked them today as part of the first thing I did at work,  I thought of her. The flowers are for the tables in a local a local cafe, which she will love, when she comes visit....!
Alas one of the down sides of being so far away from your dearest dearest family (stolen or otherwise), is that you can't always be there if you want to or give them flowers you've grown for them either. And, I desperately wish I could be standing in her kitchen right now and give her the hugest of birthday hugs. But, I can't unless I get myself one of these, hmm wonder if we have room for one of them in the budget, I think not!
Nevertheless, without an areoplane, here I am in virtual life, standing right here in her kitchen, my favourite place in the whole universe. If I had a bag full of homemade hearts full of love, I'd share them with her. Always.
 Happy Birthday gorgeous girl. Thank you for sharing some of your very own, very special, hand made hearts with me.
I love you forever and wish I could be with you tomorrow, see you very soon!


  1. Lovely message :) and lovely flowers :)I'm sure your stolen sister will love it all xx

  2. Now that's a better birthday card than Hallmark ever produced!