Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Feeding the pig

Dear reader, I'm sorry, I've been neglecting you. Truth be told many exciting things are afoot in the lands of the windy wellies which I'll confess soon. Very exciting things indeed! However, in the mean time, my piggybank (flower pig, pictured above) is very very thin and really, truly needing fed, we are very poor at the moment so I've been busy back to work this week. Mainly desk based, plant researching, teaching and I did manage to escape by picking flowers which is, alas, unpaid but alot of fun!

Another fun event this week was my oldest child rather remarkably making it to 17 on Halloween, which is his birthday. And, given my lack of focussed parenting skills (which involve being in the garden, identifying plants, weeding and alike, not being in the house) we appear to have reached a fine mother/son balance. Birthdays and alike also seriously deplete the piggy banks further, hence the manual labour required to restock our finances in our flower pig.
That, of course being said, whilst we are poor, do not fear as we still eat like kings and a humungous gorgeous birthday home roast dinner was consumed, in celebration of the childs birthday. This was kept frugal with the addition of many home grown veggie and a large local chicken, not home grown (fear not the chickens are very safe and alive wrecking havoc at home), but very worth it and such a treat a local chicken tastes fantastic! The man child also requested a fruit crumble (too full of birthday cake from chums at school), so my home grown raspberries also took a battering, whilst free and very delicious, were are also now much depleted. Great fun though. I know I'm very spoiled and lucky to be a mum to a fine young man! 

We've also got visitors, which alas, poor reader, means MORE cooking, more baking and more eating, it's a hard life, eh? Pancakes (or dropped scones if you're south of the border) for breakfast this am...with home made jam, yum!Talk very soon. X
PS Mr Flowers, I've hidden the raspberry jam, just in case the visitors aren't unaware that you don't really enjoy the concept of sharing.


  1. Missing you! And sorry you've got to stiff it on the work, but lovely to have the man child's birthday with visitors too. And roasties :)

  2. Sure sounds like it was a great day, hope you got help with the dishes. Very exciting things, I need to know, now! alistair

  3. What a lovely birthday! Don't go working too hard now - glad you've time to pick some flowers...

    Little piggy back plants are enjoying their new home down here - although rather bemused by the lack of sea view from the windowsill I think!


  4. Absolutely love the 'mum' card (featuring Peedie too!)

    Pancake has made me hungry..... :)

  5. Does Peedie get a pancake too? Wish I did!

  6. Happy Birthday to him, sounds like a perfect few days. Hope your pig is soon plump, verging on fat!

  7. When I saw your post title I thought you had joined us pig keepers - lol. Hope you boy had a good day - sounds like it. Wondering what your big news will be now....

  8. Congratulations on getting your son to 17 without really trying! It constantly amazes me that I've managed to raise 2 children. That sounds like such a 'boy' birthday tea - as well as being totally mouthwatering.

  9. And I thought you were fattening the pig for Christmas in the true Orkney tradition...
    Is card making another of your many talents,Fay? It's ace!

  10. The card was made on a very still day....

  11. I just came across your blog through Sft your 'island life' looks really interesting, I'll definitely be following your blog :) xx

  12. Astra, cool name! Welcome! Waves to sft too :)

    Kininvie, a very still day indeed, which I guess is not good drying weather, even if the child's thoughts were in the right place!

    Janet, the cellist is one of this dreadful all rounders, great at music art and maths. If she wasn't so cute, we'd probably swap her. Ace card eh? I was right chuffed to get it.

  13. Linda they don't come with manuals do they? Roast dinners never get photos, scoffed too quickly.

    Barefoot sadly no piggies, your exploits keep me chuckling! X

    Janet a plump piggie, wouldn't that be ace. Our budget currently is so short and tight you could curl it and give a mouse a fine moustache.

    E-eye peedie likes pancakes, sadly he's not allowed them. However, this does not stop ninjaesk attacks to the table by him. He's a cunning mutt.

  14. Cheery, I hope they stop sulking!

    W-watering can - the mum card is ace. Lobs a pancake.

    Jan thanks!

  15. Alistair, my news is that I've a new job (2.5 days a week) which will feed the pig and leave me half the week for flowery pursuits. I'm dead chuffed.

    The new job isn't directly flowery, but living up here, you often adapt to work which you might not otherwise take up the challenge for. I'll spill the beans later in the week!