Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Eyes full of trees

(Bracket fungi for Janet....I found them and thought of you Planticru)
Thank you all for you kind wishes for our travels sooth. (in Orkney anywhere down from The Pentland Firth or if you like John O' Groats, at the north most tip of Scotland' is simply 'sooth' from wick to austrailia) it's 'aw sooth tae us' I was kindly informed by my Orcadian neighbour. Always makes me giggle. 
Anyhows, after a day of many miles and adventuring, we are indeed 'sooth' in Fife, central Scotland, in the land of linoleum (which I find hard to spell) and smells very weird. There's no town that smells like it. Ive had a gorgeous day, whilst a long drive (300 miles) I've had a long day where my eyes have been full of trees, mountains and hills, the journey from Inverness to Perth, down the A9 is breathtaking, if you ever do one drive in Scotland, the A9 is amazing. Eyes full of trees, stopped for a walk in the hermitage (I'll pop up photos later), such a shame to see so much destruction from the winds, we had harder winds in Orkney, but less trees, less damage. 
 Shame, hard to see such old relics, trees in their prime broken, uprooted and destroyed. Sad. But still lots left, thank goodness. 
Having had my eyes stuffed with trees, my ears were filled with the rumbling and roaring with the river braan fill to bursting, my nose also full to bursting with all the mingled smells of a forest. 
The land of 'sooth' is truly majestic, it's nice to see it again, even if my eyes were bursting with trees, and, mountains. 

I've missed it.

Comedy Epilogue....... (ok having a peedie car engine fire, half way through this trip today, was a little disconcerting (!), I'm fine, the cars fine, oil was low, but putting oil in a hot car is clearly not a wise idea)thankfully there were lots of handfuls of handy emergency snow to put it out, blowing on it wasnt helpful. I'd really like to thank the two male drivers, who slowed down, watched my plight, sped up, clearly to reassure me all was well and it wasn't a real problem, as they drove straight past me!) very reassuring that I had the situation totally under control and did not look like a damsel in distress, my calm demeanor shining through.) [really we are fine, and now know what to do when an engine goes on fire]: always carry emergency snow. 

However, if that had happenned at home, not sooth, if I had managed, to so quite remarkably set fire to my car, even temporarily, im sure more than one buddy would have stopped, enquired if I'd needed a help, offered advice, my idiocy would have been amply viewed, amiably watched at length, reported (hopefully not to the local radio) and well giggled at good heartedly, once resolved. Whilst public humiliation, in comedy isn't my thing, I prefer it to being driven past at speed. Whilst I like my eyes being bludgeoned by trees, I like the neighbourliness of home, even if there are peedie car fires to be giggled at, or not! I love the humanity and spirit of where I call home, I hope at home you have it too, I like the kindness of humans. Later, I hope I pop some pics in, not of the car fire, kinda had my hands full, and thanks again thanks for your good wishes. :) Tomorrow, when my journey continues, I hope to set fire to less cars. [I've put emergency snow in my thermos, just incase]. 

Ps excuse the formatting and lack of photos, I've not got the hang if iPad blogger, it's not my chum.


  1. So glad it wasnt worse.Glad you still have your sense of humour.

  2. Sounds like an epic journey. People can be afraid to help sometimes.
    We're off north today, but up the east coast route.

  3. I had a similar adventure when a law student in Surrey. I'd just put in a fiver or so of petrol and was still parked at pumps of a newly opened garage, when my banger of cheap choice - a WV Sirroco, in appealing 70s yellow livery - caught fire under bonnet after topping up oil. Now I was delighted - and closed the bonnet and raced in to pay etc. Unfortunately the guy in the new, spic and span, pride and joy sort of garagey thingy also spotted it and rushed out with a fire extinguisher and put it out. A pity really, and a true disappointment. I'd have gladly seen the back of the damn car and with 3rd Party Fire & Theft the insurance money would have been most welcome at the time! So, it just shows, be careful what you wish for.....sometimes! Have a great break/seasonal greetings thingy. 'Tis Solstice today.....

  4. Pah to horrid people not stopping Fay! Glad you've seen plenty of trees though, and are well and truly ensconced down south. Safe trip xx

  5. Oh the Continued Adventures of Fay! I've never dealt with an engine fire. Rolled a car once though. All these things are SO inconvenient. But you have true grit my dear, and it does sound like a lovely journey. I'm totally impressed with your use of Desert Tool #47 (snow). We have, on occasion, used Desert Tool #12 (length of rusty fence wire) or Desert Tool #81 (stick). These sorts of tools are much more helpful than clueless male drivers-by.... Onward!

  6. We'd have stopped, Fay, honest! Did you no check your oil, tyres etc before you set off? I think folk forget that it's different sooth...
    Lovely example of a bracket fungi, Fay.
    Linoleum... you must be in Kirkcaldy or thereabouts.
    I have great difficulty blogging on the ipad (the dinosaur version not the ipad 2). My latest post is a movie but can it be read on the ipad? NO!
    Enjoy the Festive season!

  7. Oy vey! Glad you are safely thru that instalment!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to blog. Now I know the names of the fungi that I have been looking at in my local forest for 2 years. As for friendly folk....... I miss that very much where I live now. Where I come from people are so friendly (almost to the point of annoyance sometimes) and I never appreciated it until I moved away.