Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Simple Womans Daybook - June

Outside my window... wind and rain pound the windows, grey surrounds us and the sound of the wind is often unfriendly and noisy.

I am thinking...about organising my life, enjoying the best bits of it whilst giving my full committment to those area's which aren't maybe so much fun (e.g. laundry) so I'm tackling these with great gusto and a song to get them out of the way (biting the frog, I hear its called)! Thankfully we live a long way from anyone, no one can hear me squack.

I am have the space to breathe and think, finally. Its been a really busy month at work and I need to rethink how much working I want to squeeze into one week. And, I'm thankful for fish fingers (the nice ones), which are, the food of the gods and make excellent sandwiches.

In the kitchen...sauces, casseroles, pots and pan bubbling away - the fridge is clean, the freezer is organised and the supper is cooking for several days ahead. Radio is on, the puppy gently snores at my feet.

I am wearing...are you really ready for this? I'm wearing spotty PJ's (even though its after lunch), over these I'm wearing purple sallopets, a large jumper and a woolly hat. Its freezing outside and inside! (Again, thankfully no one can see me)

I am creating..a royal mess in the chaos, but it always gets messier before it gets tidier doesn't it? Please tell me it does.

I am going...around the bend, but after that, I'm going to town to meet up with my daughter for a celebratory tea (a large piece of work is submitted) and then on to a musical in the local theatre which she's playing precussion in.

I am wondering... about the actual carbon foot print of a tomato which is home grown and one which is shop bought depending on where its from. Food miles often make me wonder and ponder. And tomatoes are often in my thoughts. I've just finished last years frozen red canonballs. I'm also wondering when the elder will ACTUALLY flower as we need more cordial.

I am reading...'The complete countryman' by Alan Titchmarsh, a nice 'guide' to traditional lost skills in the UK. [I'm also reading many gardening magazines, but to be honest they seem to be fictional in our current climate, but the pictures are pretty!]

I am hoping...I may find the bottom of my bedroom floor when I finish tidying up, I'm a messy girl.

I am looking forward to...seeing both men in my life return over the weekend, the young chap on Friday and the scruffy musician on Monday.

I am learning...taking the beast by the horns is much simplier than dithering and putting things off. Why has it taken me YEARS to figure this out. Grasp the nettle, then move on.

Around the house...the puppies are playing together, charging around the house and Radio Scotland is on the radio.

I am holidays - two whole weeks at the start of July, we're planning an adventure of epicness. Oh, yes, I'm excited. And, when my son leaves for university in September, how will the change be for all of us?

A favourite quote for today...
The man that cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot
Andre Breton (French Poet, and co-Founder of surrealism, 1896-1966)

[It made me laugh].

One of my favorite things...a day at home working and pottering about, productive and cosy.
One of my LEAST favourite things,.....the current weather, not fun, although last week was glorious.
A peek into my day... when the weather was nice, last week, we all headed to the beach before tea - 6 wellingtons and 8 paws all plodded down to the beach. The young people (hardly children any more) chatter and the dogs stand beside them, can you spot the dogs? There are two there in the seaweed hiding from the camera.......I cherish moments like this - family time.
Thats it from us for June - hope you're enjoying yourselves whatever you're upto.

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  1. What a lovely day. Waiting for the elder here too - it's started flowering but not quite enough to pick yet (and they keep getting rained on). Can't wait to make cordial again :-)

    1. I can see the flowers but alas as of yet they are still snoring - can't wait for the cordial either :)

  2. There is nothing better than a day at home-- I quite enjoyed all the details and I could relate well to most all of them. Even the rain, which beats against my window this morning. I know that sad feeling when a child moves away to school so you focus on the new opportunities for him and for you too. They make nice adults, these children.

    1. Linnew I'm so glad you enjoyed the details - rain beats again the glass again today - I fear we may all drown.

      As for the man childs departure - I'm excited for the change in his life for him, looking ahead and beginning to squirrel boxes of essentials for him. I'm sure he'll fly without much of a backwards glance which is why we're cunningly arranging fun holidays to which he's cordially invited.

      They would appear to make fine adults.

    2. UM, that's boxes of essentials being squirreled away - not boxes of squirrels obviously. NO squirrels here.

  3. Planning a vacation is such fun. 2 weeks is lots of time for some epic adventures.
    It looks like a great time on the beach, took me a little bit to see the dogs. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. The complex man's daybook:

    How are you feeling? Knackered, thanks.
    Why? Too many people in one day
    And? The after-effects of a good dinner.
    What is the weather like? Another flash flood
    How is this relevant? Because I have to go out at 10.30 pm complete with the after-effects of a good dinner, to dig in the mud to stop the flood washing my primulas away AGAIN.

  5. Ah well, the weather hasn't been any better here in Aberdeen. I like your wigity thing showing the temperature over the last few days.

  6. Hi Fay, thank you for leaving me a comment on my daybook last week. We're back from holidays now and we had an absolutely fantastic time, despite the weather. We're used to it though - holidaying in Britain is all about having the right boots and the right coat!

    I'm with you on the fish finger butties. A much underrated delicacy if you ask me :)

    Your son is probably the same age as my daughter if you're thinking ahead to September. She should be going to Uni too, but we're having second, third, fourth, fifth thoughts about it. When I say "we" I mean "she". Me and her Dad want her to go but she wants to get a job in a bank. Oh boy.... Good luck with coping with the changes though. It's not an easy time is it?

    Best wishes, Pam

  7. the perfect weather for a day book though the forecast suggests an hour by hour account would not go amiss. Enjoyed your out loud musings - children leaving home is a wrench but the memories keep everything glued together.

  8. Your dogs have great seaweed camouflage!

    Your manchild will fly away, and then he will return accompanied by more 'stuff' than you ever thought existed in the world or at least in the confines of one student flat. And then he will fly away again somewhere exotic and leave you with his stuff. That is our scenario just now:

    Is it still raining with you? It was forecast to stop here today but it shows no sign of letting up. Love your cold June outfit. Year-round ski wear - great!

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