Thursday, 4 October 2012

The golden walnut.

Autumn colour resplendent, the humble walnut (Juglans regia). This beautiful peedie walnut tree sent through the post from a chum, to start our home grown 'orchard'. This little beauty is for pesto making in the future - walnuts make most excellent pesto. Isn't he gorgeous? Colouring up beautifully, OK so he's spent the summer growing in a polytunnel but its looking amazing. And, its come 'home' to the courtyard garden, although I'll not plant it 'til early spring when its budded up again, repotting after September outdoors in our climate isn't really much fun for the plants. Best leave that til early next year.
I think the courtyard garden will be a mixture of edibles and pretties or pretty edibles, and this comes into both categories, don't you agree? I don't think I could ever have a garden I didn't want to eat. Unelss maybe it was a cactus garden!
There's been a lot of chat on the radio (Scotland) regarding where best to see autumn colour, Dunkeld and Perthshire hailed as being one of the many respendent wooded areas around Scotland, when we were south, autumn was just peeking through.  So, might see more of that later in the month, but for the moment whilst its not an arboretum - at least I've got some autumn colour at home now!

{And the birds are finally discovering the bird table too - bonus! Although I must plant up more shrubby cover for them in pots to get them to feel happier........}


  1. Replies
    1. Diana - unfortuately not - I've just that patch outside the door - a bit of wall by the garage and a bit of a tiny patch at the front which is about 1m by 1/2m - I may try and 'spread out' a bit but I don't think I'm allowed.

  2. Pesto with walnuts sounds wonderful - walnuts are one of my favourite foods.

    1. Pesto with walnuts is amazing - but I've never grown a walnut before so I'm intregued! I love the colour its gone.........

  3. How big do walnut trees get? Gorgeous colour plus lovely nuts, I want one. I'm sure I could find room, despite the overhead lines. Which are the only bane so far in this new playground. I love your plan for pretty edibles, sounds perfect.

  4. Janet have you thought of Sorbus reducta - all the beauty of rowan in a compact and spreading arrangement which is quite pleasing on the eye.........I just love it.

    Some of the coloured berried varieties of the normal rowan are quite dwarf......?