Monday, 22 April 2013

On streaking in the wilds

Of course not me streaking, haggis doesn't observe spring, he streaks right through it. Yes that blur is him running through a frame at breakneck speed. On a walk by the loch if Kirbister.
Not many places in Orkney look like the highlands (albeit devoid of trees but strewn with boats) this side of the island really does. Lord Peedie of the nearest high hill agrees.

Can you spot the dogs in the photo above, they are both there........
Not completely devoid of vegetation aside of willows, grasses and heathers.
Spring Primula's sit like jewels in the matted grass and mosses. The cellist reminded me not to give you all the 'primula flower type talk', she reckons out-crossing mechanisms for pollination bores some folks. Come to think of it maybe that's why haggis moved so fast...... philistine.

More excitement about Primula's here - though this one is a bit rarer and we'll be hunting it down soon to try and get a decent photo of it!


  1. Gorgeous pic of the boat, and LOVE the haggis streak!

  2. Gorgeous indeed Luffy, I really loved that boat- loved your lamb and strawberry's post. Not warm here however! I have been cooking though - must blog about that sometime, sushi today :) yum

  3. Well I LOVE to hear about ANYTHING anyone is enthusiastic about, so if that is out-crossing mechanisms for pollination, then so be it. Love to learn new things from people who know lots about them, and your enthusiasm and knowledge always shines through, so keep it coming!

  4. Found Peedie in that piccy, but no luck with Hagrid! That first one is just hilarious! I'm sitting here giggling now - daft dog!

  5. Such a beautiful area you live in, the wind not withstanding. And I agree with the others, on this, the cellist is mistaken. We would read with interest.