Saturday, 25 May 2013

And the sun shone (finally)

So as we walked along the cliffs for miles, off came the boots. Good day, amazing what a bit of sun does for the soul (and the toes). First paddle of the year. And no the socks never match, life's too short.
My handing 'walking app' tells me we've walked a goodly 13.97 miles this week. No wonder my legs feel shorter! Free exercise is always grand. :-) nice to have the weather to enjoy it!


  1. A bit of sun does you a power of good, although paddling in the North Sea is a bit brave for me! Respect!

  2. I can only confess to shallow burn pools. North Sea?! I'm not that crazy. ;)

  3. I got out in the kayak for the first time yesterday, pure bliss, though my shoulders are complaining today. Good to hear that you can walk the rugged paths again.