Thursday, 23 May 2013

Haggis and tatties goes arty - when a blog lands on the wrong page.

[Edited in. It was bound to happen soon, as I'm changing parts of my long standing badly written rambles about life in the wind, I'm in the process of changing elements of my blog to continue it long after we leave Orkney. So I'd decided to dedicate my rambles and havers on food to a blog of its own. This Wee Lass Eats. Whilst I'm a dab hand at both eating and love cooking, it seemed to make sense. However, it would seem I'm about a useful as a chocolate teapot with a smart phone, it was only a matter of time before I posted some food related rambling in this space. So I'm sorry about that. If you do want to read about someone's daily obsession with food do join me over there. I can  only guarantee, its more 'hearty eating' than fine dining, but that's OK. I think so much of Scottish food in all its genres gets a bad rap on occassion so, I'm on a journey of self indulgence to eat my way round Scotland and beyond!
 I've been inspired by many lovely food blogs like Luffy's 'Tosh and Tomatoes',  Wendy at the gorgeous 'A wee bit of cooking''Tinned Tomatoes' by Jacequline and to name but a few Shaheen at 'Allotment2Kitchen'.  Now I can't promise I'll be anywhere near as great as these guys, but I love my grub and this wee lass eats. Join me over there if you fancy, and do recommend more interesting food bloggers, I've only mentioned a few of my favourites over here. I'm looking forward to hearing more. I'll tell you more about changes to my gardening focus when I've stopped scoffing.
So this post doesn't really belong here - its from 'This Wee Lass Eats', aplogies for cross posting and inept thumbs on smart phones. Not so smart now eh?] - Editing myself out!
As it still feels like the depths of winter here in the frozen north, comfort food beckons. Now you can't get more comfort food than haggis and tatties (mashed
Potatoes). This version was beautifully presented with a whisky sauce given the presentation you can see it was cooked by someone else. So its in the 'eating out' category of life. I'm not known for my culinary artwork. I'm more the eating before its ready type.
So if you fancy quenelles of tattie and haggis delightfully adorned with micro salad shoots,on a plate, try The Kirkwall Hotel. Their menu never fails to deliver, even when serving up this classic.
And for main, monkfish, roast pepper sweet and sour glaze with a chorizo, spinach and tattie mash. Now, I'd like to tell you this was amazing, but I could only drool at my partner in crimes plate. Too quickly devoured to get a photo of this modern take on humble monkfish, it was THAT good.
Compliments to the chef!
Until next time, whether its old comforts or modern twists, happy scoffing.


  1. Why are you leaving Orkney and where are you landing? I can't imagine having lived there and moving away. Its so beautiful, uncluttered, quiet, calm, heartwarming and peaceful. I wanna live on Shapinsay.

  2. Well Paula, my first child is now up and at university and my second, the dear cellist will follow suit next autumn. Whilst I love this island very much and all it offers, being their only parent in the UK I feel that its just a wee bitty far for me to be from my babes. The long suffering Mr Flowers (he of the job in central Scotland) has commuted up and down for over 8 years now. Its my turn to bite the bullet and leave these splendid isles. We're headed towards central, probably east coasty, most likely Fife. But who knows what might happen in just over a year. Shapinsay is indeed gorgeous!

  3. I do love the area around Perth as well, but would love the island life. I've a friend in Alyth whom I hope to visit again in August and friends in Dundee. Now Pittenweem or Kirkcauldy would be another choice if not Whitby England. But USA I will stay. Good luck with the change.

  4. Whisky sauce, haggis and tatties sounds divine! (I'm not sure about the wee green shoots but I'd be willing to try them). I had black pudding mashed with potatoes while in Glasgow this year ... delicious!