Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The tattie guard awakens, keeled slugs conspicuous by their absence.

So in most exciting news, having dug my patch up at work, the potatoes I cunningly left in (for later) have started sprouting. Look at those lovely newly growing shoots heading upwards to start growing.  I like to think of these cunningly placed 'left in over the winter' tubers as a kind of professional soil guards, letting us know when the soil if sufficiently warm here in the land of the north for planting tatties. Nothing at all to do with my lazy 'not quite getting all the tatties dug up from last year' standard of gardening. No its all perfectly PLANNED, to let me see when the soils just at the right temperature for tatties to be planted. I'm clever like that I am. Nothing to do with being a lazy mare. 
So just so you know, if you live in the frozen northern parts of Scotland, it seems tatties are happy to start being rehomed in the warming up soil and planted, I know its early May, but its been a cold start to the year!
So dinnae fash yer self too much but its a grand time to get those chitting tatties out of the luxurious warmth of the windae sills and into the mud. Pronto!
Having performed a stellar 'soil guarding' job, this fella ended up baked and enjoyed. 
King Edwards are my favourite eating tattie. Thankfully, those pesky little keeled slugs didn't find this particular lovely specimen lurking in my plot, they make a mess of tatties which are in the ground a little bit too long. I'm glad of that, as keeled slugs are NOT my favourite type of eating slug. 
Tattie planting at the weekend for me I think.


  1. our 'tatties' that we planted are just starting to come up .. while the ones we thought we'd dug out last year from the community garden are coming back full force .. guess we left a few in there .. the ones we planted at the cg in the early spring are growing like mad in neat rows .. 'tatties' are growing like mad here on the coast of bc ..

    1. Well done on the newly tatties coming up and the 'soil guards' too. I'm glad things are growing like mad for you. I spotted some rhubarb pushing its way up here too the other day - spring is surely about to burst forth!