Sunday, 30 June 2013

Covering the world in day at a time

Most folk who ken me know my life's motivation is to cover the world in flowers, be that physically or by helping with research on growing plants for food and drink. So early doors this morning we headed to the boat (ferry) wellies packed as who knows what opportunities may befit us over the next fortnights galavanting. I'm hoping to forage when in down for elderflower s to make this years cordial.

Once on the boat I found something else to drink which i had a hand in tampering with. Shetland Gin. A good while ago I'd the good fortune to development work on the practical flowery research for the aromatic botanical elements of the infusions grown or gathered in Shetland which got this gorgeous gin. It made me smile, flowers rule. One bottle purchased for my hosts in the lands of jute, jam and journalism, our first stop on this summer road trip. Ok so wandering round the boat at 9am with a bottle of gin possibly a bit dodgy, but it's all in the name of research I tell you (honest injun)!

Covering the world in flowers, one day at a time. :-)

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  1. Does it beat Hendricks? Serve with cucumber and ice, lemons for cleaning floors! :)