Monday, 29 July 2013

Seven days up and doon (again)

This weeks been another cold/soggy/sunny/clammy one. Fun packed as always, been busy with work, home and visitors. So here's a wee neb (nose) at what we've been at. So as I love Barefoot crofters updates on her week, sometimes I join in with her.
1. Peedie enjoying some sand castling.
2. The boys tearing about the coastal path of the Brough of Birsay.
3. An exciting use of hard hats and high vis jackets at work. Life is never dull.
4. Elderflower foraging to continue the cordial making!
5. Orkney grown figs, utterly amazing, utterly rare, very delicious! Having two 'jobs' often pays well in more things than money.
6. Scones for a community even baked so early on Saturday I was barely awake.
7. Misty drive through Caithness - yes it's July.
8. Checking out our reception venue, always wonderful to find not one but TWO Cerciphyllum japonicum (s) in the grounds of our party. These will look and smell (like burnt sugar) amazing in the autumn when we get hitched.

I'm currently galavanting 'sooth' for a work meeting. Keeps life a bit diverse.

Pop over to the Barefoot Crofter and catch up on her days!

Until next time.....


  1. Figs - yum. Scones - yum. Getting hitched?! Wow, fantastic, congratulations! See what happens when I take time out of the blogosphere to do other stuff...

    1. Ah Janet - figs were just delicious. Scones equally although less rare in this household. Hitched, yup finally! Thanks!