Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bed time companions

I found this little book in a box bound for the car boot sale on Sunday - a freebie with a ladies magazine. Nigel Slater is one of the 'old school' cooking writers who I quite like. He quite simply appears to really enjoy his grub. So he's been my bedtime companion whilst Mr F is off being brilliant somewhere else for a change. My favourite quote of the book 'I must admit I rarely measure anything'. Now that's my kind of cooking. He also talks about essentials for the store cupboard, sensible chap that he is. I'll keep reading and nodding when he's right. Might provide some inspiration for a few more quick and cheerful home cooked grub - which I'll no doubt share on 'This Wee Lass Eats' - where this post SHOULD have ended up.
Ah the joys of plentiful blogs and sleepy blogging by (not so) smart phone. Until next time.......I might challenge myself to read some of the one million cook (and gardening) books I have - that will keep me busy over the winter. And rest assured its almost winter here in Orkney, none of this 'autumn chat' from the rest of you. Its firmly proper winter here now - quick-spring/summer will resume next April/May.


  1. Thanks for the seasonal update. Can I presume that the Wheel of the Year, at least from an Orcadian perspective, looks like it has a flat tyre? The peedie squished bit at the bottom being Summer, with the remainder Winter?

  2. The winds and the aurora's have arrived at just about the same time. And as for tyres you're not far wrong. Autumn and Spring just sort of lurk somewhere near the edges of the flat bit.

    Severe seas at the moment - boats choppy and going canny routes. Ah winter it is in.

    Thanks for popping over.