Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It always looks worse before it looks better - right?

So, often the phrase, it will get worse before it's better can be hard to hear but its often true isn't it - without chaos, how can we have calm. Personally I'm a general fan of continuous chaos. So with tthat in mind, I'll tell you what did I get up to whilst down 'interfering' at TRG's pad? Well one thing I was tasked with was trying to make the garden a bit tidier. Its been a goodly long time since its had some love. TRG has a shared and quite traditional Scottish 'back green' often a square, used for the washing and lolling when sunny. He shares it with 4 houses and its barely used, we all have a random assigned 'bed' ours is at the back under a whole raffle of ivy and with three large birches in it. 
I guess the words 'mature' might be used in a kind way. Mainly shrubs from the old nursery I worked at lobbed in with a few existing trees, which have certainly put on a bit of 'girth' since last we were so closely acquainted. I mind on fine lands where trees are actually cut back rather than suffer from 'die back' common in Orkney. Although I still find the 'pruning-not-by-a-gale' a strange concept, the Thuja (orientalis-pyramidalis-aurea) however prefers to dominate the stair well with his fellow chums Holly (Black Prince) and a rather spikey ornamental Blackthorn.
Monseur Thuja and his fellows and I had a few words...........and we added a gate just to remind them who's the boss. And, no its not that bonnie right now - the choices were remove tree completely or try and lift the canopy and see if it works. So far its OK but the longer term verdict is out, although its heaving with birds generally so I'm loathe to cut it right down, seems just a bit too cruel. Not its fault someone planted what they thought was a 'dwarf' conifer aside a path.
In the mean time - more garden taming at TRGs and the construction of a 'new to me but muchly traveled greenhouse' (8ft by 6ft). Complete with recycled bus-shelter panels in places. TRG's patch is now looking a bit tamer but still much to do. And I only managed to get this much done by the lovely help of our adopted 'Grandad' who's a dab hand at such quick style construction. 
As often happens, I had to scamp back to the Orkney homestead for work and left TRG to continuing the DIY on the flat who's fate is yet to be sealed - in the short term however its looking right bonnie. And here's the evidence he can not only wield a killer guitar but a mean looking drill too.
And a scampering home I went in time to meet up with some dear chums who came visiting and we scurried off on many adventures, even finding oursleves on boats - scamming lunch from a fellow blogger Sian from - Life on a Small Island cake was consumed, with great gusto. A huge thanks to her for her lovely time and hospitality and hens eggs!
And, of course given the time of year the obligatory 'dragging of the guests to the puffins' newly arrived ensued. However Team Robyn being one of those adventuring types took everything in their stride. Why not pop by and say hello over on her patch? EssexHebridean.....
Puffins and Fulmars, Brough of Birsay, Orkney, April 2014
Sadly for me whilst others continued adventures on different ferries - I headed back to the office for some teaching. Only of course to be thwarted by a random cabbage on my desk. I told you things get better, eh? I thought I'd be stuck just doing paperwork, not doing battle with a large unexpected cabbage too.
Well there were actually two rather large spring cabbages (Hispi, under poly) to begin with, but seemed rude not to spread the love around and so the poor chap out ploughing in the fields also got the same treatment as me. After all who doesn't like a random act of cabbage on the desk kindness?

And, dear readers there is much afoot regarding moving - timing is the end of May. More on that when there's news. 

Until next time, sometimes life gets a bit messy before it gets a bit better eh. I certainly hope so.

[And a huge thank you to all who wished me well with my job application to the Botanics, I wasn't successful but some good feedback was given. It's a tough market at the moment, but something will work out, it always does.]


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