Monday, 12 May 2014

On sanding your auld drawers

We are making progress. I've been doing up an auld chest with 18 drawers - it came from an old hotel here in Orkney and whilst a bit shabby, its gorgeous.
Sadly me auld drawers were stoory and in sad need of a bit of restoration.
Mr McFlowers pulled a blinder and issued me with a sander for my birthday. He's good like that, he provides me with kitchen equipment and the odd bit of exciting garage tools. So I've been getting the paint layers off them and am almost down to the wood in places, lots to do yet but progress, me dears, progress.
I could say its just the best thing I've had near me auld drawers yet. 

But, I wouldn't dare as I'd fear for my marriage and as we're waiting for the keys for the new cottage and I don't want to sleep in the new shed. 

Well, not yet anyway.


  1. Nah, you're fine, you've got a leaky greenhouse for sleeping in, surely?! Dresser is coming along brilliantly - well done!

    1. I have the wedding umberella so I'll be grand if it leaks!

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