Thursday, 5 June 2014

And so, to Fife.

So, all change here. We moved. Same wellies, different location. The ex-cellist is now in New Zealand for a 'pre-uni' adventure and I seem to have acquired a full-time husband and two gardens. As far as I'm aware, even by my standards that's a lot of change in a short while eh? Time for sleeves up I think. So we introduced ourselves to the plants in the garden. Lots of familiar faces, the Lonicera  (Honeysuckle) is smelling particularly fabulous at the moment. What a lovely greeting.
You'll of course not be disappointed that the garden's already been poked and prodded and some of the more adventurous of the shrubs have  had a wee haircut and a couple of beds are now duly dug. I even found a seat and a path we didn't know about overgrown under a rather rampant fushia. Some of the beds were 'double dug' or even 'triple dug' but lets not go on about that again, those with muddy paws know my feelings on the matter.
This garden is a long supermodelesk skinny garden with ample space for life. We're nicely nestled in a wee East Neuk peedie (small) village, with nowt but a smattering of hooses about the place.
I've a long association with this part of the world, my auld grandfather kept his boat in the harbour hereabouts and we holiday'd in the summers with my grandparents and cousins at the caravans up by the beach. Lots of great memories. And, of course, without doubt, the best ice-cream shop in the world, nae the universe. So we got ice-cream and visited the harbour to say hello. Rude not to I'd say. And also time for a stomp and a paddle. 
So we got the keys on Friday and have been madly emptying boxes and filling shelves and cupboards with all our clobber. We both have a shed each and Mr McFlowers is now installed in his new 'rock god studio' which is the other end of the house from the kitchen sink, we're both glad about that.
The house is beginning to look more like a home than an empty shell. Ok so a messy home, but a home nevertheless. I'm very good at looking 'lived in', I'm naturally crumply.
There's been much cooking already and a bit of gardening. (I'm also naturally 'green toed'.)
I ventured out to a local independent nursery and bought a heap of veggie plants to get the patch started pronto - I don't want to lose a season after all. So its sleeves up and get those pots sorted. Plenty to do.
Always best to start off as you mean to go along I think. Peedie the horticultural hound extraordinaire thinks so too.
He's started how HE means to go on.mind you the other one isn't much better, same style, different location.
Happy new house indeed, everyone's clearly settling in nicely.


  1. Aye, aye. Plenty for you to crack at, eh?

    1. Plenty indeed Sir. Might as well whilst everyone else has a nap eh?

  2. Bet you're glad to be settling in at last and starting on your next set of adventures :)

    Good luck in your new home.

  3. Lovely to see your things getting themselves settled in nicely, and the pooches looking so at home... xx