Thursday, 18 September 2014

The stores

The kitchen stores I think always look lovely displayed in jars. And, on a shelf of their own, all the better. We inherited a dresser in the new house, it fits the jars beautifully.
Over the years, each jar or measure or timer has its own story. Why shouldn't all these lovely keepsakes and everyday things like sugar and flour not brighten up my day.
Cards from chums and store cupboard essentials all sit nicely together. These shelves make me smile everyday as I notice something I've not looked at for a while.
Each wee bit tells its own wee tale. The birthday mug from a lovely chum, the ridiculus teapot made on a windy island in a night class. The piggy timer for sharing the games for the kids when they were wee. The roof slates, lovingly recycled into table matts for our wedding, now used for dinners.
I love my wee stores. At night time its got a lovely wee light and they take on an ethereal existence. What about yours? Is it as dusty as ours, as cluttered and clamoured full of family life? Is it hidden or out for all to see?

1 comment:

  1. Oh! That mug! I'd forgotten about that! I'm still suffering kitchen-envy though. I might steal it next time I'm up. The kitchen that is, I'll leave you the mug... xx