Friday, 29 January 2010

New resolutions - Time to keep on moving!

This cartooon strip ( is one in our local paper- I often imagine myself as caught by the wind here as this sheep! He's got an amazing take on life in Orkney.

Well, I've gone through a roller coaster of a 2009 - and emerged in 2010 a bit battered and bruised (ego not physically) and decided it's time to shake it off and sort myself out! So, here goes. I think the main issue last year was discovering, much to my surprise that I wasn't invicible and I couldn't do just about anything I put my mind to. Well, intellectually anyway. I'd started out on a PhD programme and discovered 18 months in,  that I was dyslexic. My field work is always commented upon positively and so we've come to a good compromise of my continuing on my studies and I'm going to spend this next year finding a happy medium of both developing a plant based business and nuturing myself more. I've always loved reading and writing (in my own peculiar style right enough) so the dyselxia stuff came as a bit of a shock and I think it's left me more overwhelmed than I imagined. I think now its time to rebuild my confidence.

Hence - trying to keep a more lucid and practical note of progress and doing some writing for fun! Which is what it always use to be - fun!

2010 see's us still living in Orkney (I love the open beauty of the place) - we're currently in the main town but will be moving by the end of August as our lease expires. Sad as we love the house, glad for a new challenge!

I need to get a better work/life balance and am beginning to embrace again those things I love doing - being a mum!, plants, cooking, yoga, making things, camping, walking and generally having fun. I've also promised I'll keep a 'travel fund' for me to have mini (peedie) adventures throughout the year as treats - I love exploring and having adventures.

This week I have written a couple of cards to folks I haven't seen in ages, written a letter to a friend and called a couple more. It's important I think to keep up with folk.

I've also bought a few things with extra money as treats - which I never normally do but decided that we deserve the odd treat (a tiffany lamp from ebay was one such treat) it lights up the hallway beautifully and gives me a little boost everytime I see the lovely colours. I've also moved the old battered sofa which was my grannies out into the landing in the hall - so I see it everyday and its a reminder of their love.

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