Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snowdrops, snow days and blankets......

Hey well today saw me notice some flowers in the garden peeking thier heads up when I looked through the kitchen window - the signs of things to come later in the year. I love snowdrops - I'm lucky that I managed to get a lovely botanical watercolour of a patch of snowdrops at a garden show a few years ago. They are amoung my favourite flowers. We use to tell a lovely story about them at the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh to the children - the snow was the only 'colour' which would allow itself to be given the flowers when the world was first created and therefore - it was allowed to be the first to appear...or something like that. We love to visit the National Snowdrop Collection http://www.cambosnowdrops.com/ where the woodland walk is breathtaking and the snow drops steal your breath away - there's also a lovely beach at the bottom of the woodland so that's another bonus!
Today - we had our schools closed due to snow although it wasnt too heavy - but it did mean an afternoon cooking, fire on and lots of lovely crochet practice - I'm still not very good - but I am improving my circles, into squircles and some of them are even possibly square now. The aim to to make a blanket of some description and keep these fingers busy during the darker nights when I can't get out into my garden. My technique is not perfected yet but I think I've progressed a bit - I'm not terribly good at this kind of thing - although I think my enthusiasm takes over and I end up with some thing to show for all the hard work after a bit. I find cooking much easier - I'm more natural at that - but then again - I love to eat so I find that cooking satisfies my most basic needs!! I'm going to keep at the crocheting though as I'm finding it very theraputic.........


  1. Your squircles look fine to me :)
    I'm sticking with the cooking much safer for me lol

  2. Squircles - :)

    Crocheting is fab for keeping fingers busy in the dark - I love it! Your blanket will look absolutely ace. And good on you for keeping going with something that makes you cheery regardless of whether or not you're perfect at it (you are, of course!) :)