Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An adventure in odd socks......................

I've mentioned odd socks before haven't I? A family favourite more fun if they don't match
I think we often forget why we are doing the harder things in life and sometimes a bit of a change of  scene helps. We're trying hard to be very frugal, grow our own, home cooking, making extra pennies to make sure we can live in a breathtaking place. Whilst its beautiful here, it's often hard work, weather is harsh and often we feel isolated; although working hard in a busy town can make you feel very isolated as well. Maybe now and again we need a bit of a rekindling of our spirits by looking at things from a different angle to get them into perspective. I'm a great one for a change of scene to recharge the batteries - although I often forget to have one - too much to do, not enough time, can't manage this weekend - how often do we tell ourselves that?

Anyway, thankfully my partner is more of a 'why not' or a 'why don't we' person - so he's often planning those last minute adventures to make you remember why you're alive and working so hard. Here's one we all had lately, it sees him booking a trip away on a Friday night for us all, with instructions for an early to bed! We're bleary eyed and straight into the car the next morning to hop on the ferry a bit nervous as the weather does not look good! But, all fine and we're off the other side in mainland scotland and after a bit of a drive over the top of the north coast, we arrive at the beach, where the socks came off and the toes got wet!

To start the adventure for a stretch of the legs, we had a tramp here - a beach I've been before but new to my family! Its nice to share it with them. Beaches feature heavily in our lives, so when away we try to get some new ones in too. But I have to say, what a funny name for a beachm my gaelic is not very good and how beautiful!

Ceannabeinne Beach (Translated the name means 'the beach of the burn of the old woman')
Not long until the feet are naked and enjoying the texture of the lovely warmish beach. Beaches are one of our favourite places, we go almost everyday at home - this one is new to my family - I've been before they are free - we can run around, walk, talk, shout and have fun for not even a penny.  

Beach graffitti - never lasts long!
A bit of wave jumping before lunch, always works up an apettite........

When did you last do something silly? We try everyday!
Wave jumping is to be encouraged at all ages - when was the last time you did it? My last wave adventure was a week ago. Peedie is not very keen on the water, but does love the beach - he gets to run about like a lunatic!

Peedie the cairn terrier on the beach.

We were dragged away from the beach, but this was followed by drive down the coast to look at the mountians. Then a walk in the forest to explore of some very tall trees, we think they belong to giants. Hazel is way up high looking for them, Peedie can't spot them either but he normally looks for sandwiches when out exploring.

Giant hunting in the forest.........
I'm collecting pine cones for the fire at home - I always take a bag (or two) to the forest - cones make an excellent firestarter and they are free. Before they get burnt they dry out at home in a basket giving the smell of the forest to the house. I like forests, we don't have them at home, well not as big as this one! The giant redwoods stood all around, like, well, giants!! We didn't find any giants but we did find this little chap - how lovely - a quick photo and then let him off on his adventures again.

Next we arrive at our destination Ullapool in the north west of scotland! And, here's the view from our fun adventure weekend, mountians and water and its just breathtaking. We planned the trip to places we miss seeing when we are on our little island, mountains and forests we miss very much, beaches we have a home and are always a treat!

Best of all the adventure was largely free (aside a tank of petrol and money for fish, chips and lemonade) we minimise our everyday spending by being as frugal as possible to be able to have these lovely treats every now and again to feed our our souls..................................... and faces.  Of course now we're here, its time for our favourite treat - fish and chips at a little pub in Ullapool  washed down with some lemonade!


  1. Oooh - sounds lovely!!!

    We are planning on going for a lion hunt adventure this weekend ;-). But I don't think it will include fish and chips enjoyed at the coast. Will tell you all about it later.

  2. Oh I love a good adventure and love hearing about them - let me know what you end up doing and how many lion you find!