Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Simple woman's day book

October 6th 2010 with thanks from the Simple woman's day book

Outside my window...this evening a storm is brewing and whistling around the house the roof is rattling!

I am thinking...of my friend's wedding we will be attending at the weekend - I can't wait to see their happy faces when they commit to each other!

I am thankful for...the company I have at home with my children and my little cairn terrier and my friends new, old, those I know in my virtural world, hoping to meet soon and those I already know and love!

I am wearing... pyjamas, long stripey socks and a hooded fleecey top

In the learning room...trying to learn to be more trusting with my children, to allow them the freedom to be more independant without my need to protect them. They need to be able to fly alone sometimes without my watchful eye.

I am remembering... I promised myself an early night, a chapter of my book and the luxury of a long sleep.

I am meet a friend for lunch tomorrow - to ask a favour and take some home grown produce to her for her family.

I am currently reading...for work, several books on herbs - I've a class to teach tomorrow and I need to refresh my mind before I finalise the lesson. For fun I'm reading 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' by Barbara Kingslover about a families attempt to feed themselves wholly from the region where they live.

I am hoping... the sea is calm for our ferry crossing and the roads safe for our long drive on Friday, I hope it will not be troubled and we arrive safely at our destination around midnight to be welcomed by my partner with open arms.

On my mind...mulling my need to over protect my children, if its more about my needs than theirs.

Noticing that...there is a flower out here in gardens which is bright baby pink - so fresh and pretty and vibrant amoung the gardens making ready for sleep.

Pondering these words...'You need to learn to trust me Mum...........'

From the kitchen... a feast of chillis being harvested, bottled, frozen and kept for the year ahead.

Around the house...the scent of candles fill the evening air as the evenings get darker, we allow ourselves the treat of lighting them to make the house cosier.

One of my favorite things.... my grannies leather sofa - weathered and worn, holes in the arms, cushions and blankets draped over it - newly moved into the sunny room to be slouched into, woken up in and wrapped under blankets on reading books. I miss both of my grandparents, their old, worn, loved sofa will always have a place in my home; being as an important part of my childrens life as it is for me.

From my mothers day card, hand made by my daughter - precious and original, full of thought and love - just like Hazel.

If you want to join in on the day book please see The Simple Woman's Daybook  for details. Thank you from me!

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