Saturday, 27 November 2010

Bread and tatties for tea (Tartiflette) - does it get any better?

What a feast we had for tea tonight - 'Tartiflette' with crusty bread. I'm a big fan of tatties (potatoes) and a big fan of bread (I'd much rather eat bread than cake.) so tea tonight was my absolute food group heaven: carbohydrates with carbohydrates. I don't think it gets any better.

Bread and butter - on the funky table cloth!
The potatoes were part of a bag we got for 10p which we had 4 from (4p), the milk was reduced to 35p, onion free from garden, knob of butter (5p) and the cheese was a combo of reduced and value cheese (about  - 15p), ham was reduced (25p) - all served up with crusty bread (10p) - total cost of the dish £0.94 for 4 people. As I was thinking of getting a takeaway on the way home, I'm glad I didn't!! This was delicious.

We love the 10p lady and get alot of bargains
You can make it with any type of ham/meat or just plain veggie - we used potatoes, ham, cheese and onions.  You can have it as a side dish - but its so lovely we often have it just with bread. The 'real' recipe in it calls for specialist cheese, lardons, creme freche and maybe even cream - but piffle I say - have a go with what cheese you've got in the cupboard and any ham will do if you want it - milk is fine instead of cream and much cheaper. I don't stint on butter - but you can please yourself. Normally you cook it in the oven, but I made it on the hob tonight to prepare it quickly.

I've not really got a proper recipe I kind of cobble together my own. I'm a bit of an improvise type of a cook - not much good with a breadmaker as I've no disipline when it comes to measuring things.

Anyway - Tartiflette:
One decent sized potato per person - cut into slices 1/2cm thick 
One large onion
1-2 pints of milk to cover the potatoes when they cook
Ham or bacon (optional) chopped into small chunks
1 clove of garlic
Pinch sea salt
A large handful of cheese - I used a combo of mozerrela and cheddar - but just what you've got to hand half in the potatoes when cooking, half on the top of the cooked dish

Fry off an oinon in butter and garlic until the onion is a bit soft - add the rest of the ingreident - add milk to cover the potatoes completely and then simmer gently until the potatoes are soft but not falling apart and the sauce gets a bit thicker - keep the lid off for a bit if you doing in a pot - but keep an eye . You can put this into a dish adding cheese on the top and grill it - or pop it into the oven to brown - we're too hungry when it is cooking and just put cheese on the top and let it melt with the heat of the potatoes. Dish it up with lots of crusty bread and butter - yum!

Proper recipe for folk who prefer more detail here :)


  1. Sounds terrific! I love my potatoes and cheese and of course bread just makes it better. Yum!!!

  2. Can't believe I missed this - I need to find a way to subscribe to blogger blogs via email rather than just blog reader, I miss out! I am definitely going to try this, it has a lot of my favourite foods in, being a carb girl and a big fan of anything pig-based. Except, I suspect, trotters...

  3. No me neither - trotters bleurgh.