Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dog and chicken in perfect harmony

Ok bit of snow today - enough to be fun - and beautiful the snow doesn't normally stay too long, we're too close to the sea here - but when it arrives it is lovely. Karin met me at the door again - happy to see a friendly face pop out with some food. Nice to see her of course - her escapee antics not going without notice today - in the snow I could see where her footprints had been - so I kinda got a clue as to where the wandering hen goes when she is off out of the hen run! By the looks of it she doesn't wander far!

Karin, escapee hen extraordinaire........
Anyway - we've often wondered about the whole dog/hen thing - we've  a cairn terrier - feriocious beast (not) - more likely to lick you to death than actually do any bodily harm. But, with the hens we've often worried about how he'll be. Um anyway, today we found out - hen at front door - dog dashing out to play in the snow...................the two of them met all of a sudden! No interest from Peedie - hen only interested in any tasty treats he had!

Karin and Peedie - do dogs speak hen?
With all this snow and gale force winds - we've been talking about moving the hens into the byres by the house - which we've now got to use for free from our landlord. They'll be happier there nice and warm - we're still getting 6 eggs a day from them - so we want to look after the girls. I'll miss seeing Karin at the back door every day - but I'm sure she'll figure out how to wander round from the new byre..............

Today we decided - between the showers and the wind to move them into the warm - they can be inside when the need to be and then out when the weather is fine straight into the neighbouring field. We moved the house, then one by one - the animals left the outdoor chicken run under an arm and went into their lovely warm now byre - they're sleeping now when I checked on them a peedie (small) bird was asleep in there too, I hope he had his tea too with all the hen food in there - I'm sure they've plenty to share - tomorrow we'll let them see where the new byre leads too - a lovely field by the house full of adventures for them.


  1. yey! I'm following you too :)

    My blogging all seems superficial as I have plenty of thoughts but not much action. Roll on January!

  2. Action is highly overrated - thoughts and planning always good!

    Lovely that you've met the hens! xx

  3. Love the picture of peedie and Karin :)
    Hens have such characters!

  4. Thank you dreamer - I'm sad they are in the byre as I can't see them first thing - but I'll work it out - love watching them - characters right enough - we've named all 6 of them after our lodgers - from our old house - Karin - was particularily adventurous!! x Hope you're keeping warm

  5. Max met the chicken today and he seemed to think she was something to play with - so I've got some work to do there

  6. Oh dear I hope that went OK..............I'm off to talk to them in a moment - I want to let them into the field - but want to make it clear they have to not wander off............!

  7. Wonderful! Having rescued a traumatised hen with a bare bottom from the attentions of a cousin's dog, I find it rather lovely that yours is clearly not going to terrorise such excellent egg-layers! Nice to think of them all cosy in the byers while the Orkney weather does its worst.

  8. I'd not trust him as far as I could chase after him - he's more interested in their food than the acutal chickens thankfully at the moment.