Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Introducing, Peedie the 'cog' - (half cat/dog)

Peedie the cairn terrier at 12 week old - very cute! No bigger than a cat.
You'll never meet a more ridiculus dog - or maybe I should say 'cog' - he thinks hes half cat - half dog - not in real life - only in his mind. I'll explain......................we have a dog who think he is a cat he sleeps like a cat, eats like a cat, plays like a cat but he's a dog.  He loves the beach...........even from a puppy! He was very tiny the size of a small cat maybe this is where the cat like behaviour came from?
He enjoys the field and going for walk, the muddier the better - I don't know which of the field trial he prefers but he alway happy to be out there with me.
He likes to nap alot - and I often found on a bed lseeping until lunchtime or lounging about on a silly rug...............playing with a toy.

Cairn terriers make excellent pets - family friendly - hes good if he gets left home, he naps like a cat all day - but if he does get to come out he does enjoy a good scamp on the beach. Always covered in sand on his snozzle.
He is an excellent companion on the beach - he's always dancing around and loves meeting other dogs.
And he likes to bring me presents - what a clever cog..............x


  1. He's lovely. We used to have a cairn terrier when I was small, but she was bigger than yours. Is he crossed with something?

  2. He's a pure cairn but he was the runt of the litter - so a bit smaller than the average cairn terrier..........thanks!

  3. Ps - his name 'peedie' is Orcadian for small or 'wee' which is what his breeder owner called him because he was so small he was the 'peedie' pup - we liked it so much - we just kept it - I think folk here think we're a bit mad calling our dog Peedie - but it does suit him and I love Orkney words.