Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Weather forecast, wind with more wind, followed by..............

Thursday 18th November not much to report today, I've been stuck inside working away on the computer. I did venture out at lunchtime, but was finding it hard to walk in the wind. Today the met office informed us for the next few days weather will be windy starting at 30mph, gusting at 60-65 mph, it is forecast to stay like this for at least the next couple of days - ! Ferries cancelled, some buses cancelled and some of the roads across the Churchill 'barriers' (a set of causeways which link up a lot of the 'south' isles to the mainalnd of Orkney) are shut due to high tides and wind. It can be said we've probably more 'wind' days affecting things than 'snow' days folk get elsewhere.

Up here the weather forecast is something we're often glued to in the morning most seasons it can be very unpredictable - so if planning anything through the week - we check out 'when' or 'if' we can do a task and on 'what' day we might manage to get out if the weather isn't playing fair. Or for having a cuppa and staying indoors!! It made me think of one of my favourite local cartoon strips which I've mentioned before - 'The Giddy Limit' in which you get a good idea of how the wind effects day to day life............. these wonderful illustrations from Alex at 'The Giddy Limit'.........................says it all for the next couple of days I think!

This is excellent weather for being indoors with a cuppa, or  for blowing away a few of those cobwebs when you go for a walk even if its only to the local Post Office...........................

I think I'm glad I got out into the garden at the weekend and made the most of the sunshine - for a few days I think I'll be glued to my computer writing up!! Not much fun for any of the cows and sheep who are still wonder they are very happy go on their holidays to the comfy barns over the winter!!!
Images copyright and reproduced by kind permission of The Giddy Limit


  1. Most of us only really notice the weather when moving from home to car, car to work, and then again in reverse. I went for a wet and windy walk today and felt so much more alive for getting outside, plus solved the problem that nearly convinced me to not go for a walk at all because I was too busy. Never lived anywhere where weather really could shut you indoors for long periods, but am guessing there is a hefty payback in exhilaration for the inconvenience.

  2. Janet you're right enough, I think we're lucky to be up here the environment breathtaking - we don't often get held up indoor for too long - but a keen eye on the weather for those working outdoors - especially us gardeners! Eventually you do have to just go for it - like you said - and the weather although a bit harsh sometimes it is exhilarting.
    Glad you got out for a walk today.

  3. ps to be fair the past few bouts of weather have been hitting alot of folk in mainland scotland too and I'm hearing of terrible floods etc down in the south of scotland and in england. This time we're definitely not alone!