Friday, 12 November 2010

Moat anyone.................?

We've a moat forming outside the house one day I think with enough rain it might join right around, but no water inside at all - phoned landlord - he's 'confused' - so he's on the case. We thought it might be the cows damaging the pipe in the field but unless they did it before they left on thier holidays to the cosy sheds over the winter, its unlikely to be them. We're using the water butt water to sort out the loo (too much information?) and can't do any chores (washing up or laundy) what a shame! And, we've plenty to drink, so we'll not exactly be hard done by, but we may whiff a bit after a few days - a quick babywipe wash will have to do for the moment - we might be begging showers from work/friends later if it carries on.

The moat I think is nothing more than a cunning tease than a clue to the problem - its been raining solidly for over 24 hours - when it does the outside turns into our very own moat (boating not available sadly), but as my daughter said today in the car on the way to the bus:

 - 'its up and down rain, we can cope with that, its OK - its the sideways-in-your-face-until-your-blind-rain that is very annoying.'

Never a truer word said, after 60mph gale force winds and sideways rain, a bit of 'up and down rain' is nothing!


  1. We have had loads too. Outside we have a bucket and there must be at least 4 inches of water since Wednesday!!

  2. A torrent here today too - then it went - just like that - my landlord tells me he'll get rid of the moat when he fixes the water - shame really - I'm beginning to like it - hope all is well with you in France! x

  3. Surely you could just wash in the moat?! Seriously, hope all sorted soon, there are only so many wet-wipe washes one can endure when not on a camping holiday...