Thursday, 11 November 2010

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink......................

I've just been told we've no water - on an island this wet and windy, surrounded by the sea - that is more than a bit ironic. We had water at tea time, I made pasta so I know this for a fact - I've been out  at a meeting and had a cuppa - popped off to bed early only to be informed by the boy child in my life - that there isn't any water coming out of the taps in the upstairs loo. At first I thought he was pulling my leg as I'd not have put him as the type to actually wash his hands but there you are, he's obviously doing that.

But no water - why, we've checked the other taps and right enough - we've no water? I've no idea why, has it been stolen by robbers? - will it come back on - we can't have used up all the water on the island!? I hope not - but who knows? We live in an old house - its an old farmhouse there's a picture at the top I think its over 200 years old - although it was done up a while ago and now looks quite modern but its old and quirky. Yup, a bit like me old, quirky and in need of serious renovation! The only thing I can do at this time of night is switch off the hot water tank - cross my fingers and close my eyes to go to sleep and *hope* its magically OK tomorrow. I think there are water fixing fairies for exactly this kind of emergency - I'll let them do thier thing.

My speciality in the face of adversity, or with things I cannot control is to generally stick my head in the sand and hope for the best. Patience I'm not hugely blessed with, but denial I'm a great fan of! I can't do much right now - I've no idea why its stopped and we're not exactly going to die of thirst overnight if the mystery isn't solved right now. On the positive side, I've switched off the hot water - so thats a night without having to pay for it - a frugal blessing................

Oh well, if all else fails we'll have to drink pop (well value fizzy water with cordial in it) and bath ourselves in the sea - maybe forever? Although, it has to be said, it is a little chilly for that kind of behaviour. But it might be fun?
Or I can wait until the morning, see if its magically OK again - and if its not I'll give my lovely landlord a call. It must be rubbish being a landlord mustn't it? People only call you when things go wrong - I never call him just to say what a lovely view we've had out the window - or isn't it lovely here - only to tell him when things don't work. Poor man.

Ah well,  tomorrow we'll try and figure it out.................or teach the dog how to do plumbing - he's not got much else planned.


  1. Hope the water fixing fairies visited in the night?! As a fellow "sticker of head in sand and embrace denial" person, I would have laughed out loud at your post, but most of the rest of my household is very sensibly still asleep... Maybe you could start the conversation with the landlord with a compliment on the views, and lead up to "by the way, we appear to have no water..."?! Good luck - and congrats on a male who washes his hands!

  2. is it working yet?

  3. Um no - no water yet - I'll investigate more tomorrow then call............

    Dave B - you could at least have the courtesy to follow if you're about!! xx