Friday, 19 November 2010

No such thing as bad weather..........just bad clothes!

With the right clothes - being out in the cold is an adventure not a chore!
Well thats the theory isn't it? No such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes - i.e. if you wrap up appropriately for the weather than you should be OK in anything. Well, I've always preached that one at the kids and any unsuspecting soul who comes near me and tells me its too wet/windy/cold/yuk to go and do a job/walk etc outside. And then of course made them walk in the most outrageous of windy weather here! And over the past couple of days the weather has been outrageous!
A favourite walk - Yesnaby
I had to put my money where my mouth was today and try and walk the dog at lunchtime - he comes with me to work and if I'm in the field he can scamp around, get muddy and have fun -  but in this weather - well - I'm not really out in it and he'd be stuck at home - so we take him in the car - I've one of those huge open back boots in my car - so he's got a permanent bed in there. Well today - here I am at lunchtime - taking time out to see my faithful puppy, togged up in waterproof trousers, wellies, woolly hat, several layers and open the car boot up to the elements to take the Peedie pup out for a walk.

Oddly, he took one look at me, one look at the weather and buried himself further down into his basket - not really keen. Why don't they make wellie/waterproof clothing for your dog? But, then again what dog would wear it? I've been thinking about him coming to work - if he stays home I have to drive in and out of town to give him a quick five minute walk at luncthime - with petrol the cost it is and the amount of time it takes to drive back and forth  - he's better in the car at work - and we can spend an hour walking at lunchtime. 

But, with the weather getting colder I've been worrying more about him getting too cold. Now I've seen these funky dog beds/houses - but my word are they expensive!!!!! I might try make him a bit of an enclosed box-bed that he can clamber into from a cardboard box, good to recycle a box, with a decent hole cut into it for him maybe a bit like......but from a box - I'll let you know how I get on!
Kinda like.........................but in cardboard.

Or I might need to buy him a pair of wellie boot for puppy folk - or maybe not?
Maybe not for our puppy - but you do get welly boot for doggington folk.
Or a bit like.......the link, a cardboard dog box

Well, I'll give it a go and make him a bed for the car out of a box - with alot of blanket/fleece it might be quite warm............


  1. I saw the last picture and it reminded me of my allotment plot last year. See below, hopefully you will be amused.

  2. That is just brilliant - thank you so much for posting it - we've old wellies at work - dunno if I can snaffle a pair or two - what a brilliant way to recycle them - nice to see you here - thank you again!