Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The simple womans daybook - November 2010

Written with many thanks to the simple woman, who likes to look at the world with many others by taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of simplicity...beauty of the everyday moments. Anyone can join in and the link for the simple woman's day book is here


Outside my window...the hens are clucking looking for some food, the dog is chasing his shadow and the sun has come out to play.

I am thinking...about going to Finland, I've been invited for a conference, its short notice but I've never been there before - I've alot to do at work, but trips like this don't come up very often - I'm very torn.

I am thankful for...taking the time to walk up the track today to talk to my son about the day at school, I'm glad we can still talk, even if sometimes I forget what volume I am talking at - I need to remember his a young adult.

From the learning rooms.......I have learnt today - that if I leave myself a note within my work its normally for a good reason! Having spent the whole week battling with some of my field data - If I'd read the little note I'd left myself - I would have sorted the problem out in a jiffy!

From the kitchen...tonight we had yorkshire pudding with chicken, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables from the garden where I teach. My daughter made a cake, whilst I'm not a really big cake fan, this one looks great - almond and mixed nut.

I am wearing...jeans, a flowery fleece hooded top, a hat (indoors!) and pigtails, its so unbeleivably cold here - howling winds, sideways rain and freezing cold - inbetween the sun today which we did see for a short while, its dark at 3.30-4pm - crazy!

I am creating...warm rooms at the moment - putting up blinds and curtains to make the house warmer. I can't think about much except being cold!

I am going...to a concert soon with my daughter and her friend, their first 'rock' concert -'Paramore' in Aberdeen which is a long way from here! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

I am reading...The Belagarion by David Eddings - my sons favourite - we often read the same books - good way to find something  mutual to talk about. My magazine arrived 'Country Living' but its all about xmas and I don't want to read that yet!

I am hoping...the price of petrol doesn't continue to rise - £1.29.9 a litre here now, very expensive! I'm driving over 400 miles a week and this makes life very expensive indeed!

I am hearing...the sound of my daughter in the bathroom, my son in his bedroom and for once this week, NO howling gales rattling the roof. The dog is fighting with his bone in the hallway  - I think the bone might be winning!

Around the house...we've candles on and a few lamps - looks cosy - the laundry needs hung up inside and the washing up is done!

One of my favorite things...harvesting the chilli's - I've to harvest another plant tonight - then I think I'll watch a bit of my favourite TV programme 'House' - series 7 on the go at the moment.

A few plans for the rest of the week: working, I'm teaching vegetable gardening on Thursday 'Growing peppers and chillies - I'm needing to redo my budget and must talk to someone about moving the polytunnel from the place where we've taken it down to this house, so I can finally get on with growing more things.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing.......my very first home grown and saved jalepeno chillis in a jar in the fridge - they might even last me the year, they are mega hot!!!!  I'm very thankful and proud of the fact I managed to grow them, the greenfly didn't get them and I got 8 whole chilli's from one plant! If I can grow more of my own food (this is a very, tiny, teeny, small start) then I can stay home more and be with the family.


  1. I like your post. You always have some lovely things to say.
    I would love to live so close to the sea, I know it's not always good but I do miss it. I didn't comment on, your trip to the beach post - that was lovely. I was very envious.
    We have lots of rivers around us but it's a good couple of hours to get anywhere near the sea.

  2. Forgot to ask what you did with your chillis in the kilner jar. We have made jars and jars of chilli jam, I am waiting for lots to dry so that I can whizz them up and put them in spice jars for the pizzas etc, but any other iseas will be very welcome.

  3. Hey Thank you Sue! Lovely to see your comments - its a bit different to where you are!But you're place looks truly gorgeous.

    I miss rivers - we've none here only a couple of really small burns or streams - I know I moan on about the weather but the place is truly breathtaking.

    The chilli's - are in a sterilised jar and are just in vinegar - I use to buy alot of those jalapenos in jars for making pizza or tortillas with salsa - so I got to thinking OK can I do that myself. They are good - crunchy and alot spicier than the shop bought ones.

    I've never tried chilli jam to make a home - but do fancy it as when I've tried it I've liked it very much - I've another 4 plants of different varieties to harvest, then cut back and try to overwinter and I'm keeping some seed for next year. Fingers crossed!